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 on: Yesterday at 05:38 
Started by Shoegazer - Last post by Roman
1. if you set cmpro.ini Misc_DisplayLIErrors = 0 ,then you shouldn't get ANY messages during reading datfiles....not really what you want but maybe a workaround

2. you may try to set cmpro.ini Adv_WindowToFront = off, but I think this was only for bringing the window to top when scan/rebuild is finished

 on: 01 July 2022, 19:24 
Started by Shoegazer - Last post by Shoegazer
Hi Roman,

A few (hopefully quick) questions for you regarding bulk-scanning software sets:

1. Pop-up messages appear for specific sets such as "Can't merge set due to equal names for different hashes.  Clone files will be name differently if full merge mode is used." The "OK to all" option works for that set but the same message will appear for other sets that may exhibit the same issue.  Is there a way to accept these kinds of messages automatically before scanning, and have such issues appear in a summary report when the bulk operation completes?

2. In Linux/WINE, the CMpro scanning window runs in the foreground, so when scanning for a new set begins, the window appears above any other applications that may be running at that time.  How can you configure it to only run in the background so this can be avoided?


 on: 01 July 2022, 05:55 
Started by binarybin - Last post by CoreyEMTP
...and just to make my case/belabor the point a bit further, I grabbed a GC ROM ("18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker (USA)") to run a quick informal test. All settings were default, except for the zip which I set to Ultra for the hell of it. All in KB.


Not bad for a lossless format! Clearly results on other games will vary, but overall I think it's close to a 40% compression ratio.

 on: 30 June 2022, 17:41 
Started by binarybin - Last post by CoreyEMTP
Here's a link to a new open source CLI tool that may be of interest. It simply verifies an RVZ file(s) against a redump dat. It's limited in its scope and a poor substitute for integration in clrmamepro, but for now it appears one of the only options.


 on: 30 June 2022, 06:26 
Started by BlackPredator72 - Last post by Mucci
ARMAX MAME Dats 0.245 https://www.mameguide.info/MAME_(20220630).7z

 on: 30 June 2022, 05:28 
Started by pixels4life - Last post by CoreyEMTP
Is there a forum rule against referencing other tools? There exists a much better implementation of 1G1R sets from No-Intro and Redump, but it definitely requires (slightly) more effort in your workflow.

 on: 29 June 2022, 22:43 
Started by binarybin - Last post by CoreyEMTP
While I in general agree that any new format introduced needs to be carefully weighed against the upheaval it causes, it appears the RVZ format has gained much traction and continues to grow. I'm no programmer, but I do understand you have to balance the time cost/benefit of adding something like this. In this case, if it's not too in-depth beyond adding the compression profile, I think it would be invaluable. Here's a quote I found from someone scratching the surface of the problems with CHD:

"MAME is sometimes so disappointing, they create the only cd image format that has delta encoding, then they do absolutely nothing to make it easy to use with the current state of the world (which for romhacks in particular is xdelta patches on the binary track). They're even considering 'reworking' chd to a 'more accurate' format - to be clear, this probably would require redumps of absolutely everything, and i can think of no finer way to kill the format."

..and finally, a hearty thanks for the years of effort on this software. It is greatly appreciated!

 on: 29 June 2022, 18:40 
Started by korrigan - Last post by korrigan
I use an external backup drive, and every time I unplug it, clrmamepro disables the rompaths to it. When I plug it back, I have to manually go into the dat profile > settings > put a tick to enable the rompath before I can rescan against the latest dat update.

Is there an option in batch profile loading that will re-enable all the rompaths to the external drive when I plug it into the computer?

 on: 23 June 2022, 09:36 
Started by boriskarloff - Last post by Vallie Conn
A fantastic video. ideal for aspiring game designers or emulator programmers.

Edit: Link removed.

 on: 22 June 2022, 08:02 
Started by Roman - Last post by Roman
ehe...no problem

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