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 on: Yesterday at 21:23 
Started by jaw9170 - Last post by jaw9170
Thanks again Roman!

 on: Yesterday at 21:15 
Started by jaw9170 - Last post by Roman
The switch indeed switches to and sorts by description. There is currently no option to show setnames and sort by description or vice versa.

Well, a set is a collection of roms and/or samples and/or chds. So there are e.g. sets which only consists out of chds. If you don‘t have the chd, the set appears as missing. Even when you dont scan for chds since that switch would produce the missing chd message not the missing set message. You can fool cmpro if you create an empty folder for the chd to avoid missing set messages for chd only sets.

 on: Yesterday at 20:09 
Started by jaw9170 - Last post by jaw9170
Thanks Roman.

When you switch to set name, the description disappears.  Is there any way to sort by set name and keep the description?

Also, is there any way to hide sets that do not have an associated ROM set?  The screenshot also shows three games that I have but those do not have ROMs in their sets, thus showing as an issue in the scanner.

 on: Yesterday at 19:52 
Started by jaw9170 - Last post by Roman
Do you mean the scan results tree or the actual setinformation window. There you actually have a checkbox to switch between set name and description. So what exactly do you want to get sorted by description?

 on: Yesterday at 18:42 
Started by jaw9170 - Last post by jaw9170

Is there a way to sort the set information alphabetically by description and nor by set name?


 on: Yesterday at 16:52 
Started by rummeltje - Last post by Roman
Good to hear it is working 😁
Regarding your question: unneeded files are moved to the backup folder when being fixed. If the fix option is not enabled you should have something like a copy to or move to context menu option for all listed sets. At least if I remember that correctly. Cant check at the moment.

Special torrent7z etc: do they really need to be different? Currently cmpro uses the settings from settings/compressor/7z. The 7z exe doesnt care about extensions. Maybe it works right away with torrent7z.

Cmpro supports headers by using xml definitions where you can specify rules how checksums are calculated. Maybe a new header definition can be easily created for exif. I will check if I find the link to the xml header documentation.

Update: here is the link https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/docs/xmlheaders.txt

 on: Yesterday at 14:04 
Started by rummeltje - Last post by rummeltje
I've done a few tests and it all seems to be working fine.
I have made a test sample of comics in cbr format and performed dat2dir,
then took all the cbr and changed them to rar, zip, 7z, cbz, cb7 and folders containing images and performed several rebuilds.
It seems to do all I have asked for, without problems.
Thank you so much. This is a huge step forward towards organizing the comic book scene.

 ;D ;D ;D

1 question: How can I set clrMame so it outputs the unneeded files in 1 seperate directory?
There are much more versions out there then we have indexed so far.
And unneeded = Unrecognized and we want people to send those to us for indexing.
As with most retro gaming collections, there's 2 lists that are important.
1 to recognize all the comic books out there and tag them as such. (like Goodtools)
1 to recognize the current best version and rebuild that set (like No-Intro)

The next steps are completely out of scope for clrmame, but I'll mention them anyway.
-Special torrentzip / torrent7z so that they can work with cbr / cbz / cb7
-Get a scanning method independent of image EXIF and other metadata, only the raw image data.

 on: Yesterday at 10:18 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by Roman
Thanks for the info. I will have a look at it again after my holiday

 on: Yesterday at 02:07 
Started by trava - Last post by trava
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 on: 11 July 2020, 21:25 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by mjmattson3170
20200711 update 22:47CT
Scan completed twice with no errors.  Must have been what you thought...one or both roms must have been named incorrectly and the tool switched back and forth at least the time I noticed it.

Thanks Roman, appreciated.


I downloaded both roms from pleasuredome and replaced them.  The mpc800 rom set in MAME is merged to bbcm.  I checked the name of the roms here and in SoftwareList bbc_rom mpc800.   Both are corect.  I am running a scan now...

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