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 on: 17 September 2019, 06:03 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
Of course you're right...the rebuilder creates files only once and in the destination folder/archive it should only appear once.
Now the question is, you're only complaining about the log entry and the stats? That can be related to parent/clone relationships where identical files are counted individually. However, it would be interesting to take a another look at....so....can you provide me the used dat, the files (source/destination) and maybe the used profle (cmpro's settings folder) so I can use your settings....

Update: I guess the double entries in the log are normal for full merge mode. If a rom which belongs to a clone and to the parent (in a split-merged set it would only belong to the parent then), it is rebuilt only once (when it does not exist) but the log lists it twice (or more depending on the number of used clone matches) since there are more matches against the database....it uses the parent set name there...which may lead to a bit confusion/double entries.
Maybe I change this.

Anyway, a second rebuilder run with the same data should NOT show a number in created files...all should be skipped then. Maybe you should give the nightly build a try.

 on: 17 September 2019, 02:36 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
cmpro 4.035, I've got a few new files... I got into Rebuilder, and it says "Created files: 2".
I run Rebuilder again... and again says "Created Files: 2"...
and I run Rebuilder yet again... and again it says "Created Files: 2"...

Strange.. I enable and check log file, looking for the "->" string, which is the one I understand indicates that Rebuilder created a file, and I see those 2 files, all the time:

  -> pwrshovl.zip\e74-05++.ic15
  [EXISTS: pwrshovl\e74-05++.ic15]

  -> pwrshovl.zip\e74-07.ic6
  [EXISTS: pwrshovla\e74-07.ic6]
  [EXISTS: pwrshovla\e74-07.ic6]
  [EXISTS: pwrshovl\e74-08.ic8]

and yes, the .ic6 files appears duplicated (EXISTS line is repeated).

So, is there anything wrong with my files? or cmpro?

I expected it would create the files, once, and if I run Rebuilder again, it will say "zero files created"...

Thanks a lot,


 on: 16 September 2019, 06:54 
Started by Roman - Last post by Roman
The rebuilder does not add the file if the file already exists in the destination. The error must be caused by something else (which could be anything...from disk full ;-) to a corrupt archive.

Would be interesting to see this....can you send me the files in question (source, destination, datfile)

 on: 15 September 2019, 18:10 
Started by Roman - Last post by llagos
but I guess I did not finish the actual copy/move part.....I check if it's on the requist list........hell...if I only have some time

It would be nice to have this feature as well. I enabled the "list chd" option, good, but since I'm using sw lists, I don't see which sw list (folder) I should manually move those.

OTOH, I'm getting an error and it seems it is when clrmame tries to "update" an existing rom... See the attached png please. The rom in question do exist in the folder/zip, but clrmame is trying to add it anyway, and because of that it fails? It doesn't overwrite?

I checked both files, existing and new, and they are the same size, btw.

Checking the rebuilder.log file, for that rom:

  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c1.c1]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c1.c1]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c1.c1]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c2.c2]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c2.c2]
  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c2.c2]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c3.c3]
  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c3.c3]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c3.c3] [SKIPPED Reason: Create Destination Problem]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c4.c4]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c4.c4]
  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c4.c4]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c5.c5]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c5.c5]
  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c5.c5]
  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c6.c6]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c6.c6]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c6.c6]
  [EXISTS: samsho4k\222-c8.c8]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c8.c8]
  [EXISTS: samsho4\222-c8.c8] [SKIPPED Reason: Create Destination Problem]

Thanks a bunch, again!

 on: 15 September 2019, 08:17 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
MAME32 should have the same software lists dats in the hash folder as MAME.
Regarding your request, yeah I can think about a way to add the softwarelist/bios information to the rebuilderlog....full pathname could be pretty long

 on: 14 September 2019, 19:56 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
Thanks Roman... I'm using mameui64, and it seems it doesn't have all dat files... maybe in the normal mame...
Anyway, I'd like to ask you something if possible... I've checked the log of the rebuilder, when there is a match:

Something like this:

  [EXISTS: hanguk\dsp1.bin]
  [EXISTS: lockon\dsp1a.u2]
  -> suzuka8j.zip\dsp1a.u3
  [EXISTS: sns_dsp1leg_hi\dsp1.bin]
  -> supf1cg.zip\dsp1.bin
  [EXISTS: basload2\dsp1.bin]
  -> pfest94.zip\dsp1.bin
  -> smkartup.zip\dsp1.u4
  -> smkartu.zip\dsp1.u3

The "->" means that the rom was identified and used/added to an existing rom... problem is, since I'm using sw lists, I don't know which system was updated... Could You please add an option in the Advanced Settings of the Rebuilder to add the complete rom path in the log? This way I could identify which system it was.

Thanks a bunch once more :)


 on: 14 September 2019, 07:52 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
Profiler, well, instead of adding 500 profiles or paths manually, you could have dropped all the software lists dats into the profiler, select all, and hit load....then cmpro would have created all profiles for you (incl. rompaths etc...) ;-)

 on: 14 September 2019, 03:01 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
Thanks Roman,
I think it failed because the "rompath". When I finished adding all 500+ dirs under Scanner, and hit "new scan" I got a dialog saying "do you want to add rompaths..." I thought adding the parent folder "roms" would be enough.... So I guess I had no idea I had to add more rompaths :(
About batcher, not sure I got that right. You mention "select multiple profiles"... so I would need to create 500+ profiles, one per system, by hand previously?
Again, thanks a bunch,

 on: 12 September 2019, 06:37 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
The auto detection works by looking in all active rompaths for known sets, counting the sets and matching the best fitting software list for it.
If there are no correctly named sets in such folders (or you use a wrong storing method), they will be all assigned to the first active rompath. So check the files in the folders and check if the roms and software lists are enabled (checkbox in front).

Generally you shouldn't use the all-in-one profile method for such a huge collection. Better setup one profile per software list and scan them seperately. This can all be setup by using the batcher (select multiple profiles in the profiler and hit load) rather quickly and takes way less resource and you won't run into configuration hell.

 on: 11 September 2019, 19:24 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
Hi, I'm setting up software lists. I have 514 directories under "roms" folder, one per system. In the Scanner window, I used "auto-assign" hoping clrmame would recongnize all my 500+ folders, but no... too bad... I hope this will be fixed someday soon.
Anyway, I went manually to add the first one, but the dialog box only shows 1 folder, ignoring the other 500+ plus.
Attached an image.
Can you please let me know what's wrong? Am I doing something wrong?
I did expect the auto-assign function would recognize all folder automagically. Too bad it didn't.
Thanks a lot,

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