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 on: 09 October 2019, 01:01 
Started by A Guy - Last post by A Guy
Ok I guess I will have to transfer my 3ds roms to my computer for a scan then back to my phone to use with Citra. (I know that I could check the md5 of each rom on Android to see if it matches No-intro checksums but that would take long unlike with a rom tool like clrmamepro which scans multiple roms in seconds)

Too bad retroarch and mamedevs got a bad relationship why can't we all exist without any drama and be a better species and achieve greater things :(

 on: 08 October 2019, 06:00 
Started by stecy - Last post by Roman
better I run for cover..... ;-)

 on: 08 October 2019, 05:59 
Started by tomjfmu3 - Last post by Roman
I've already told you.
You need the old sets/files.
There is no way to magically create files which aren't part of the 2019 MAME but are part of a 2003 MAME.
You need all the files which were replaced/removed in the given set(s) in the meantime.
The ones which did not change over time can be recreated of course, e.g. by using the rebuilder.

 on: 07 October 2019, 22:11 
Started by stecy - Last post by oxyandy
Here is a basic response just to say thanks Roman for even considering this.
When I have time in the next few days I will point out a few issues you may not even be aware of.
As you know I like to include detail in my posts so will not just make a 'rushed post',
I'll take my time and draft a really decent response, include screenshots and real examples to remove any ambiguity.
Cheers 👍

 on: 07 October 2019, 20:38 
Started by tomjfmu3 - Last post by tomjfmu3
I don't know if it is possible, i'm a noob. But the reason I want to roll it back is because most ports of mame on consoles like wii and 3ds are only Mame 2003 and below. Is there even a way to do it?

 on: 07 October 2019, 14:12 
Started by stecy - Last post by retaliator
This isn't anything of rush, Clrmame is already my favorite rom auditing tool. Thanks for your hard work!! :)

 on: 07 October 2019, 06:37 
Started by tomjfmu3 - Last post by Roman
well...I'd say that's a pretty common behaviour.
Romsets change over time. Bad dumps will be replaced, missing dumps will be added, wrong named stuff gets renamed and so on.
Rolling back (there is actually no reason to do so) would mean that you need the old sets. clrmamepro can't create old stuff magically out of nothing.
If the set/files are skipped, it most likley does not match the checksum which is required by the old definition.

You try to switch back to a version which is 16 years old (again..there is NO reason)...you could imagine that things changed in the meantime.

 on: 07 October 2019, 06:32 
Started by tomjfmu3 - Last post by tomjfmu3
I was trying to rollback a rom from version 208 to 078 in clrmamepro, and it got skipped. The rom I was trying to roll back was Spongebob Fry cook games plug in play. When trying to rollback the rom into any version other than 208, it skips it.

 on: 07 October 2019, 06:18 
Started by stecy - Last post by Roman
Thanks for reporting and helping...

Well, about that "I want them all uncompressed in a folder" support.....you need to see how MAME originally works. A set usually contains more than one file (gfx roms, sound roms, dumps holding the code etc), so they got a container, a folder named after the set, holding these files. Using an archive (7z/rar/zip) is pretty the same - a container (again named after the set).

Scanning/Merging/Rebuilding is built around this.

I see your point when it comes to 1-file-per-set collections. Keeping them decompressed leads to the a bit obsolete storage method with the extra folder.

What you can do is to change the datfile definition to only define one set where all files are stored. This would allow to have all files in one folder (named after the setname defined in the dat). Cons: you loose additional information like a detailed description per set (however as you can see from these big filenames, they simply put all in there...) and you get the scan results after finisihing this one giant set.

Theoretically I can add an option which changes a loaded datfile into an one-set-billion-roms dat......time will tell

 on: 07 October 2019, 03:53 
Started by stecy - Last post by retaliator
Works fine now! Many thanks Roman!! :)

About oxyandys request:

Like an option to simply 'ignore setname' this way an existing dat such as:
NINTENDO GameCube (Redump.org)
..\007 - Agent im Kreuzfeuer (Germany)\007 - Agent im Kreuzfeuer (Germany).nkit.gcz
Could be used to store / scan all files at root level 'minus' the subfolders.

That would be nice not forced to put every file in a folder... :)

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