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 on: 27 October 2019, 00:53 
Started by Clutz450 - Last post by Clutz450
Topic says it all.  Basically I have some full uncompressed ISO files of Nintendo Wii games that I wanted to compare to the Redump Wii datfile.  I know that zipping them doesnt save much space at all and compressing them to wbfs format makes them not match redump so I just decided to leave them as ISOs.  But when I scanned my Wii roms folder it said nothing matched.  Do my roms have to be zipped in order for scanning to work or is there some setting I need to change to allow it to work?

 on: 26 October 2019, 23:05 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
muchas gracias!!!
I'm using mame once again since some years back, and so, I'm rusty with all these "new for me" software lists, chd, etc...
Putting all in a rompath did the trick ;)

 on: 26 October 2019, 21:50 
Started by llagos - Last post by oxyandy
Put all CHD files into one root folder always worked for me..
Should work with latest version.
(did with older versions of CMP and I have not tried for some time)
Then when you scan CMP should add the folders
EDIT set CMP backup folder to same drive as the set lives
so anything moved to back-up folder is quick and not 'moving' to a different drive

 on: 26 October 2019, 19:32 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
Hi Roman,

I remember sometime ago You mentioned the Rebuilder doesn't move valid CHD (only list them), but the Scanner does it... so I tried this:

1. put a lot of CHD from different systems under one empty valid directory (3dobios/orbatak). Scanner... and result was all CHD were moved to backup folder... except orbatak.chd :(
2. put same lot of CHD to one empty valid folder (dc/18wheelr). Scanner moved CHD from clones games of 18wheelr (japan, etc.) to their own directories, but all the rest (non-18wheel related), even valid, were again moved to backup folder...

It seems this option only works for the game/clones of the directory the CHD are in, and it could not be used as a generic "move/sort/rebuild" CHD for all system...

I was testing this because I accidentally moved around 1200 CHD to a different location :(

Guess I'll have to do all this CHD rebuilding by hand...?? :(


 on: 22 October 2019, 07:09 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
Scanner -> Scan Results (Tree Window) -> bottom left button

 on: 21 October 2019, 14:32 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
where is this "set information" option? I opened scanner, but can't find it...
or should I run scanner, and then look at the messages window? (if so, I'll need to do it later)

 on: 21 October 2019, 07:21 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
Open scanner -> set information and search in the set tree for the 4x4 set (parent and clone). click the clone and look at the list on the right. It should look like the attached scrrenshot, i.e. only one rom should be listed there. If you see 2 there then you are not using the nightly build ;-)

 on: 20 October 2019, 23:41 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
did it...  I opened cmp, cleared cached data, loaded dat (it ran -list, swlist, etc., again), scanner full... still happening :(

 on: 20 October 2019, 20:36 
Started by llagos - Last post by Roman
with the nightly build you shouldn't run into this (you need to clean the cache though)

 on: 20 October 2019, 16:34 
Started by llagos - Last post by llagos
Cierto Roman,
I use the nightly build... 4.035 now..
So, I'll wait for your feedback... hoping you'll have some free time for that :)

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