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clrmame Discussion / Re: Latest Nightly Build
« on: 20 August 2019, 06:11 »
Ah ok....this can happen sometimes under some special conditions....(nice way of sayng the output for wrong sized roms which gets fixed during the scan is not 100% working). So a 2nd scan is always a good idea ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Latest Nightly Build
« on: 19 August 2019, 08:25 »
Hmm...does it have the correct crc, too?
I will have a look at it, however it's not too uncommon that the progetto snap datfiles have bugs....(and they get fixed very quickly)

sure there is a possibility for such an option....I've already added it to my list....

Well, you can of course minimize them (scan results tree + progress) during the scan, they will automatically get back to their original state when the scan is done.

So...back from holiday....any news on this? Are you able to reproduce the problem in any way (with a limited number of files)?

works fine here...maybe you think it does something else. The scanner window is the scanner dialog with the options, not the scan tree results window or the scan progress window. Only the "options" window will be hidden if the option is enabled.

Im on holiday. I will recheck it next weekend.

If you can minimize the amount of files and can repeat the problem I can do more investigation after my holiday

Im on holiday but generally there is no crash bug known and the rebuilder is really heavily used. Check your source files. Maybe a virusscanner is interfearing. Maybe try the nightly build. Have a look at the taskmanager. Maye some thirdparty stuff runs wild. Turn on rebuild logging to see which source file is causing the problem.


so quick answers only since I'm nearly off for a while due to holidays...but here we go:

1) as long as you already got sets in already have folders (setup as rompaths), the systems -> auto assign button will assign them fine. If not, well, you need to find a way to generate the folders, add them as rompaths (simply drag'n drop in settings) and assign them as system.
General question is if you really need to use system default paths at all. If you want to split up your sets by bios, yes, ok fine..then you can set them up. If you use the MAME + software list mode, then too..however it's a pain the ass to use this mode....you should prefer single profiles per software lists.

2) You need to double-click the last column in systems dialog to edit/add the path (or as mentioned before use the auto assign button to map rompaths)

3) The rebuilder is an "adder". It takes anything from the given source, matches the checksums against the database and recreates each matching instance in the destination. So you can use it to add new sets to a collection...or change one emulators collection to another emulator's one...etc...So...you decide where to rebuild the files to. But you need to understand what the rebuilder is....a file based check and create/add mechanism...not a "my destination will have complete sets" magic tool.

4) Such a message appears if the database got some problems regarding identically named roms while the binary content differs within a parent clone relation. If you would simply merge them, one file would overwrite the other (due to the same name). But they do differ. So that's why cmpro renames one of the files, so you don't loose any.

5) "Never show up" ...well..what do you think you do with drag'n drop? The scanner can be setup that drag'n drop runs a rebuild operation. And as mentioned, the rebuilder takes the input , matches the data against the database and when it find matches it creates the files in the given destination where it uses the right names. If nothing is created, nothing is matched.

6) prestring...so again rebuilder. Yes, the rebuilder copies files (when matching is found). Only if you enable the remove rebuilt source option, they will be moved. And of course identical roms maybe used in different systems. So if BIOS A / Set AA uses a rom with checksum 0x12345678 adn BIOS B / Set BB uses the same one, both instances will be created...one in B and one in A.

and now.....holiday

clrmame Discussion / Re: Dir2Dat new feature req.
« on: 16 July 2019, 18:58 »
I guess it's enough to only check files with .chd extension to be added as chds, isn't it? (And then the name will be without the extension to match MAME style).
Or should each file be checked for a chd header?
Or should the disk creation only be added optionally (checkbox)....is there anyone who needs chds as "plain files"?

clrmame Discussion / Re: Dir2Dat new feature req.
« on: 13 July 2019, 08:36 »
yes would make perfect sense. I put it on the list

on the other hand, if I remember correctly, cmpro will change double set names when importing the datfile...so if you got pacman and pacman (from 2 different profiles), it will rename the second (to pacman_2 or something).
But...for generating fix datfiles, cmpro needs to scan the profile. So either way, a (batch) scan needs to be done....
I will think about it....however I nearly have no time for cmpro these months.....

No, there is such option. Just merging them can run into problems since different profiles may share the same setname and a C64 pacman is not an Atari2600 pacman is not an Arcade pacman....
So the resulting sets may be a bit mixed up.

clrmame Discussion / mame .210/.211 sofrware lists
« on: 27 June 2019, 19:34 »
Just a reminder that for correct size recognition in some software list files (megadrv/quacksht to name one), you need the latest cmpro nightly build (if you already loaded the new software list files, you need to clear the cache after replacing the exe).

clrmame Discussion / Re: Latest Nightly Build
« on: 12 June 2019, 09:42 »
I may think about a quick way to detect changes on startup (e.g. looking and comparing at the last write date of the datfiles folder ) and doing a refresh then......but currently I have zero time for cmpro coding

clrmame Discussion / Re: Latest Nightly Build
« on: 12 June 2019, 09:35 »
Yes of course something changed.
People with 1000000000 datfiles were pretty annoyed that during startup it took ages to run through all datfiles. Even if no new ones were added.
Cmpro now caches the data and reloads the cache only (plus auto refresh when new datfiles were added correclty and not manually).

If you use the official way to add datfiles (drag'n drop, add button, www profiler), it acts like before.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Latest Nightly Build
« on: 12 June 2019, 09:18 »
As I said, you need to add datfiles via drag'n drop (in the profiler window) or www profier or the add button.
If you do what you do (copying them manually while cmpro is closed), you need to click the refresh button

clrmame Discussion / Re: Latest Nightly Build
« on: 12 June 2019, 09:07 »
hmm....weird...works fine for me....how do you add new datfiles? (if you only put them manually in the datfiles folder you have to press "refresh". If you add them via drag'n drop or the add button it should work fine

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmpro no longer viable for me
« on: 09 June 2019, 17:28 »
false positives are nothing unusual but daily business.....there were even cases where Microsoft's own scanner marked Windows exe files and nothing worked anymore (at least till the next definitions update).......so to sum it up: virusscanners are a pain....

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