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clrmame Discussion / Re: Homepage not avaible!?
« on: 13 December 2022, 12:44 »
Well, I've informed the owner but no response yet.....

The ability to treat RVZ and CHD files the same way it treats .zip, .7z, and .rar files at least for the dat files that don't already have CHD files in them like Mame does. I understand that it supports CHD files if the dat actually explicitly mentions them, but not what I am describing.

Don't mix the representation of a set and its content. A disk element in a datfile (or a rom or sample) is the content of a set. A set is a collection of roms and/or samples and/or disks. A set can be represented either decompressed as a rompath subfolder or it can be a zip/7z/rar archive. A disk within a set is currently represented as a CHD file.

It's not planned to support RVZ. Neither as a new set archive format besides 7z/zip/rar nor as an alternative for representing disk elements within sets.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Rebuilder 0.03 released
« on: 02 November 2022, 12:25 »
bit7z is a nice C++ wrapper for the 7z sdk....believe me, it's no fun to work directly with the 7z sdk code directly....and I don't want to reuse my old 7z code

clrmame Discussion / Re: Rebuilder 0.03 released
« on: 02 November 2022, 12:02 »
You can scan them with old clrmamepro.....a new scanner will follow as soon as I find a little time

yes, all generated sets can be used by MAME and yes, the standalone mode can be useful since it offers (for the first time in clrmame history) to have real standalone sets...however, you can't scan them with old cmpro ;-)

7z is on the to do list, I'm currently in close contact with the author of https://github.com/rikyoz/Bit7z waiting for the new version (mainly due to the new licence) and asked for some additional feature requests.

clrmame Discussion / Re: 7zip rn option
« on: 30 October 2022, 10:43 »
Your datfile does not have subfolders. Your archive does have a separated subfolder and a separated file.
And here we face the problem: Your 7z file stored such information separately, i.e. you have 1 folder and 1 file.
So clrmamepro detects the folder and says it is unneeded and removes it (which may cost a bit depending on solidness/etc).
Then it also finds a wrong named file...this is renamed with the rn option which takes no/very less effort.
So clrmamepro finds 2 things which both get fixed, one is an unneeded folder and one is a wrong named file.

Keep in mind, 7z (and also zip) can store files in subfolders without creating an extra folder entry.
This extra folder entry is the problem in your case. If file would be stored with subfolder information on file level in the archive, you'd only have 1 clrmamepro operation, a wrong named file "bla/wrong name" -> "correctName"

My example was a datfile with subfolders.
Subfolders are only supported when they are specified on rom name level like  <rom name="bla/this is what the rom should be named.txt"...>
When having such definitions, the rebuilder and scanner will automatically create 7z without separated folder structures stored, but of course you still have subfolders in the archives....
I've attached an example for subfolders without extra dir entries. If you play around with that file and dat, you shouldn't see any extra effort in removing data, just pure rn operations when you alter the dat.

So, to sum it up: The problem in your case is that there are actually 2 operations and they are intented to be there based on the structure in the 7z file. Your example 7z archive keeps subfolder information separated instead using subfolder information on filename level. For clrmamepro, there is an unneeded folder and a wrongly named file. Reading the zipfile will give you 2 entries. This is completely independent from the external packing tools or the defintion of the dat.

However, rebuilding the files resolves the problem once and for all since it will create subfolders on filename basis

The batch options are only set during the batch run, the single profiles' options aren't touched. So either you always batch-scan them....or you need to touch each profile somehow...maybe by modifyingthe single .cmp files - if you know what you're doing - with some texteditor macro...

clrmame Discussion / Re: 7zip rn option
« on: 29 October 2022, 16:04 »
Did a first check and there's nothing weird, it simply renamed the wrong named file and removed the obsolete folder entry. Using 7-Zip 22.01 (x64).

The problem with your file is that it keeps directory entries alone. So your file got a folder entry and a file entry. cmpro detects an obsolete folder entry and a to-be-renamed file entry...The rename successfully renames the file and the folder is obsolete and gets removed and this of course will cost, especially when you use solid archives.

7z can also store files with path information without having a folder entry. Then you only got 1 entry in your zip and the rename simply renames it. No removal necessary then.

clrmamepro by default uses that mode....you can e.g. alter your example dat to use "<rom name="bla/this is what the rom should be named.txt" size="16" crc="2ecae73f"/>". After doing a full scan/fix round, you will have a 7z with a subfolder (bla) and a file but in general only 1 entry is in the 7z.

don't know the beloning 7z option for it though.....

So....actually there is nothing wrong as far as I can see

clrmame Discussion / Re: 7zip rn option
« on: 29 October 2022, 08:21 »
Thanks...I will look at it over the weekend

actually no....fixing a wrong name or removing a file should simply do its job.

Maybe you've got special access rights on your folder? Maybe the files are somehow in use by other apps ....you said you copied them...so maybe you copied them with access rights used for the "other machine"...and this may be a problem now...but actually you could test that by manually trying to remove one of the copied files.

clrmame Discussion / Re: 7zip rn option
« on: 28 October 2022, 19:13 »
So you have a dat where the rom name is "game/game.iso" or you got a set "game" where "game.iso" is one of its roms but your 7z file has a subfolder???

If you got a dat handy.....that would be fine since I could simply exchange hash/size information and retry with a a small 7z file....doesn't need to be some iso dump

clrmame Discussion / Re: 7zip rn option
« on: 28 October 2022, 06:08 »
Sounds more like you're using solid archives which always require a complete repack of the archive on a change.

Do you have an example file and dat?

Due to the fresh install you might have some different (default) settings compared to the old installation.
On a quick first view it looks like you had different settings related to the interpretation of merge attributes in the datfile...

Profiler -> Options-> "Parse ROM 'merge' Tags" and Parse DISK 'merge' Tags

I think the current default is that both are enabled which makes sense while years ago I think only the chd one was ticked (because back then merge attributes were not that reliable).

With both ticked you will save a bit of diskspace (however when trying to fix the wrong names, you most likely also see unneded ones afterwards which can also be fixed.....it's all about identical roms in a parent/clone relationship with different names).

clrmame Discussion / Re: SL Batch mode help
« on: 26 October 2022, 15:57 »
No you don't need to do it by hand. The batch options (which appear when you select more than one datfile and load it) have a misc tab and there you can tick "create rompath for new dat" and you can specify a root folder. When loading a new datfile, cmpro will then automatically create and assign a new rompath below this root folder named after the dat (there is a radio button just above that setting where you can say what to use for rompath naming)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Building a complete MAME set
« on: 26 October 2022, 08:13 »
1) You should always prefer the direct import from an official mame binary (Profiler->Create)
2) no
3) keep "5" since this is the latest since years

clrmame Discussion / Re: revx.zip scanner weirdness
« on: 24 October 2022, 13:15 »
It's pretty common that if a fix operation fails if the "new name" file already exist in the archive. Especially if fully identical files are in the archive.
Can't say why it shows an unpack error for you...maybe I will take a look at it when the new MAME is out...

You can simply rebuild the archive and you're done.

yes, this unzip error will happen with 249....most likely it tries to unpack files temporarily to pack them for backup when they get removed...and since there are 2 identical ones that unpack for back fails....
I haven't looked at it, but you can get rid of the problem by either some manual cleanup or a rebuild of the archive.....

New Rebuilder: this is the default for full merge and standalone mode

Old ClrmamePro: Settings->Full Merge Mode -> enable "Hash Collision Name" (and of course enable full merge mode in scanner/rebuilder)

clrmame Discussion / Rebuilder 0.03 released
« on: 05 October 2022, 15:49 »
2022-10-05 V0.03 released
- use a real move operation in case of copy/deleting single files (incl. chds)
- add option -u, --uselinks to generate filesystem hard or sym links instead doing a file copy or move operation


clrmame Discussion / Re: Rebuilder 0.02 released
« on: 29 September 2022, 07:21 »
Actually I received some more requests for adding hardlinks support....I will do some checks....

Update:....seems to run great ;-) (of course keeping the limitations of hardlinks in mind...same volume..only when data gets copies/moved...(not added to an archive))

But speed/size wise it's really really really nice....and actually it was more or less a one-liner code change.....I love the new core ;-)

New version most likely next week.....

Actually symlinks could be supported easily, too

clrmame Discussion / Re: help - un-merging a CHD collection
« on: 07 September 2022, 20:24 »
Hehe copying huge files on the same drive can be very time consuming. Ive added the move operation by the way 😁
Should be seconds now (with the next release then...)

clrmame Discussion / Re: help - un-merging a CHD collection
« on: 07 September 2022, 09:58 »
actually it should use a move operation if possible...I will check that

Update: oopsi...it does not (at least not in this specific case)...will be fixed for next release

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