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well, a wrong size is of course only fixable with a given hash for the correctly sized rom.

So assume you got a file with size 2kb and a hashvalue of let's say 0x12345678 and a given "right" size of 1kb. Now cmpro checks the first half of the 2kb file if it matches the checksum...or the 2nd half....or it starts to look at a block of 1kb size which matches the checksum etc...it does some checks like bitswaps, or fill with 0x00 / 0xff (when the right size should be bigger)....etc etc...some are done during the "fix checksum check (in combination with checksum analysis)...e.g. when the size is ok but the checksum is not

So it does not simply cut down the file ;-)

Would it be enough if the prompt appears only once per archive?
So if you have 1000 files which should be added to archive xyz, then you will see the prompt only once (and the other 999 are skipped)....but if an error appears in archive abc, then you see another prompt (again once)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Feature Request
« on: 13 June 2018, 11:44 »
ok....will fix that....


Well, yes, such an option is of course possible...however such an error should be extremely rare and the actual reason for it should be found or fixed.

Hmm...guess this should do it....


To explain it: second part behind semicolon: match all setnames which end with (USA)....ok the easy one...the part before the semicolon is: match anything which got something before (USA) and something after (USA) but not (Demo (followed by at least one character)...

....or something ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Feature Request
« on: 09 June 2018, 20:31 »
you might want to try the latest nightly ;-) ...there are save list options now in the batcher scanner section

you got an example dat so I can play around a bit?

clrmame Discussion / Re: Feature Request
« on: 07 June 2018, 14:50 »
Well, the "have list" (as well as the "miss list") button actions are not as accurate as they should or could be, since they only do a quick archive/folder name lookup in all rompaths....So you even an empty file would list it as "have".....not talking about not existing sets (set only consists of nodumps or no files at all)...

Optionally triggering it for a batch run isn't a problem.....only had to add it.....question is if the output is good enough to use....and question is where to store it automatically...so maybe a folder has to be specified, too...

I put it on the request list.....but don't expect anything anytime soon....there are requests on the list which are decades old...and some are implemented directely....

clrmame Discussion / Re: Feature Request
« on: 07 June 2018, 09:45 »
you mean a have list containing the setnames (which never is and was accurate)....or just a count?

yep, I know ;-)

ok...grab the latest nightly build please....

ok....easy fix.....will look at something else, too...but expect an updated nightly build later on

ah...thanks...interesting......I can confirm this....(lemme see if I can fix this quickly)

Sorry to say...but this works fine here (Windows 10, 64bit)....it renames it flawlessly.... (all check+fix options enabled).

Besides of this, manual renaming works fine, too with Windows....there is no problem changing an upper to lowercase filename (or vice versa). The fix-case routine is in cmpro for decades....and nothing was reported yet...so....I really wonder what is different on your system...Any details?

Thanks for the files...I will check them when I'm back from work....

character case renaming should work flawlessly...do you have an example dat and archive file handy? or are you talking about not compressed files?... either way it should work fine, so I need some examples from your side.

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 03 June 2018, 18:24 »
most likely because it does not save the last time since the connection failed....so simply put it on "NONE"....there is no new version planned anytime soon....

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 03 June 2018, 16:25 »
what do you mean with all the time????? It only happens when you check for an update....which happens when you either clicked "Check Now" in the about update -> dialog...or you've set the selection to check it daily/weekly/monthly......so go there and switch to "never"

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 03 June 2018, 15:08 »
No, actually I cannot fix it since it's not related to cmpro but to the https network connection......the server's response says rejected...for whatever reason.....

You can try to press the button multiple times but for some users it seems not to work and the network somehow blocks them....
Actually a lot of users tested it (myself from 3 different networks) and don't get the problem with 4.034 onwards at all....(Windows 10 pro, April 2018 release, 64bit)...

But don't worry...if there's a new version out, you will find it here (or at least the information for it) in the forum

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