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you mean for example a51mxr3k for area51mx? a51mxr3k is a clone of area51mx which uses the same chd (but different roms).

Using sysdefpaths is only possible if you split your sets by (bios/software lists) systems (e.g. neogeo, naomi, etc).
Having a chd folder means that you have a rompath setup which uses the chd folder ("one folder") for multiple systems, so sysdefpaths won't work.
But of course your idea of keeping chds in one folder is fully valid.
So actually (as long as you don't use software lists), you should turn off the sysdefpath usage. This can be done by accessing the sysdefpaths (via "systems") and remove (unbind) all.

After that you should run a full scan again to see if this already resolves your rename issues, too. If not, you should send me your cmpro.ini, the *.cmp file from the cmpro settings folder so I can try to rebuild your scenario.

clrmame Discussion / Re: dir2dat and CHDs in 4.036a
« on: 04 January 2020, 17:32 »
well.....yes, currently you are stuck ;-)
Since only *.chd files (if they are valid ones) are added as disks, you could rename .chd files in e.g. .cchd and use dir2dat and manually change the ending afterwards....but yeah sure it's not really an option.

Rebuilding chds is not that far away I guess......if I only would find some time

clrmame Discussion / Re: cache
« on: 01 January 2020, 20:00 »
You need to add datfiles only via drag'n drop or the add button. Copying it to the datfolder would require a refresh button click, the other methods don't.

clrmame Discussion / Re: dir2dat and CHDs in 4.036a
« on: 31 December 2019, 12:44 »
I will check this in 2020  :)

clrmame Discussion / Re: characters
« on: 22 December 2019, 17:22 »

Note that the ampersand (&) and less-than (<) characters are not permitted in XML attribute values.
Cmpro uses the the xml/html entity references for such chars, e.g. by using: <rom name="this_is_an_&amp;_test" ......

If you got xml datfiles where & is only listed as &, then the datfile is not ok and should be fixed in the dat.

I don't see anything wrong from cmpro's point of view.

clrmame Discussion / Re: characters
« on: 22 December 2019, 13:33 »
cmpro's dir2dat creates a fully valid xml datfile where some characters use their official html entity. So an ampersand & character is listed in the xml as &amp;
cmpro reads the dats correctly and shows the names correctly, also scanning is done correctly.

if "someone" or "another romtool" can't manage that....well, then "someone" or "another romtool" does not parse XML correctly. If "someone" or "another romtool" should support it, go and ask them.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Romset upgrade, missing some sets
« on: 17 December 2019, 12:36 »
1) Profiler, load a profile or create one based on the mame binary
2) Settings, setup rom (and samplepaths)
3) Scanner, hit scan
4) look at the scanresults tree output...if you're happy stop, if not, find missing stuff and repeat with 3)

That's it. If you want that things get automatically fixed, enable the fixoptions in 3)

Is the "hyperspin xml" a valid datfile? If so then you simply scan with that one loaded in cmpro and everything not listed in there becomes unneeded and will be removed.
If it's not a valid datfile for clrmamepro, find one and use it ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Romset upgrade, missing some sets
« on: 15 December 2019, 17:12 »
Then your internet is wrong.
2spicy is a set belonging to the lindbergh system and consists of a 2 chd files (where actually one of it is flagged as nodump).

So...let's sum it up: You miss a lot of chd files which represent several sets. Go find them. All sets in MAME are available "in the internet".

clrmame Discussion / Re: Romset upgrade, missing some sets
« on: 15 December 2019, 13:54 »
well, looks like you're missing a lot of chd files then....

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 4.036a released
« on: 14 December 2019, 20:16 »
fixed: broken rar support in 64bit version (64bit conflict of rar and sha1 class), updated rar dll to 5.8

added: automatic 32k path length support, no more need to use \\?\ prefixes (*)
fixed: miss-list listed some sample-only-sets where the parent is autogenerated (e.g. fantasy_sound, nes_jf13, etc)
fixed: wrong software list rom size for roms which imply an offset of 0x00000000 as default
fixed: remembering window positions on multiple / virtual screens fails
fixed: rebuilder match count for files with identical crc32 but different sha1
fixed: rebuilder removal of rebuilt files for files with identical crc32 but different sha1
fixed: detect chd clone to clone moves (aka MAME 206 vs4e to vs4eo rename)
fixed: rom count for fully missing sets included bios roms even when the bios set is available
fixed: select sets options like initial invert / incl. clones/devices etc should only be activate when select sets or from file is specified
misc: rebuilder log adds software list information to file name
misc: dir2dat writes chd files as disk
misc: added cmpro.ini option Adv_WindowToFront = on (on / off) to handle the automatic bring window to front functionality
misc: profiler cache which reduces rescanning datfiles/settings on each profiler visit, should speed up profiler for users which have lots and lots of dats. Delete/Add/Move operations will force a refresh at the moment though
misc: limit extension removal to a max of 3 characters and no space after the .
misc: updated zip, rar and 7z dlls (4.6.7, 5.71, 1900)
misc: updated sha1 c++ class implementation to 2.1
misc: switched to Visual Studio 2019

clrmame Discussion / Re: Cmp 4.036 issue
« on: 14 December 2019, 18:01 »

clrmame Discussion / Re: Cmp 4.036 issue
« on: 14 December 2019, 14:50 »
Seems to be an exception in the used unrar64.dll (or unrar.dll if you use 32bit).
So most likely you only have to use the old dll
I will double check the latest available one later today.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Romset upgrade, missing some sets
« on: 14 December 2019, 13:42 »
Find the missing sets...they should be listed in detail in the scan tree window

well...hard to say...the external 7z compression task failed. Does the 7z file already exist? Do you rebuild it to a place where the 7z is already present? Or does the rebuilder try to add it to a new archive?
What are your 7z settings?
If there's a chance can you provide me the datfile and an example file?

Standard zip does not support solid archives...and I guess torrentzip follows that rule.

Yes if you like you can open a question in Italian.....

Actually I think you think too much ;-)
You use split sets, fine, that's the default. If you already played around with too much settings, use a new profile.

Keep all default settings and do a new full scan. The scan results tree window will show what's wrong with your sets.
Completely missing sets are lsited with a folder icon with a red cross over it.
Incomplete sets are listed with a red cross only.

Now what can happen?

- your tree output is empty. Fine, you're ok (for the currently used settings)
- your tree contains only some fully missing and some partly missing sets. If they are fixable, turn on the fix options and rescan. If they are not fixable (cmpro can't magically create files out of nothing), find the files and add them (e.g. via the rebuilder)
- your tree shows 12839128391283 entries and you feel lost, well, then it depends what you want to achieve. You want to get them all? Have fun to hunt them down and add them. You only want to concentrate on some sets, then you might want to select just these sets. This can be done via set information.

You might want to seek help here: http://www.arcademania.eu/ or here https://digilander.libero.it/venturi1975/cmpro.html or here http://greenant.altervista.org/Guide/clrmamepro.htm

Regarding your questions:

Q: "as you say if some check fails in a zip files (bad names, missing files, wrong crc or similar) it's be marked as "Bad" or "Incomplete" f check don't found a zip files it's be showed in result as red cross it's exact right now ?"
A: See above: Completely missing have a folder/red cross icon, incomplete only have a red cross

Q: Only in this mode i thinks i can really check all my zip files and found if i have some parents zip whitout the original or other similar issue... right ?
A: See above: Use the default settings, do not use setinformation, do not use hide completely msising sets.

Q: I have tryed to start a "New Scan". After reach 100% i have try to export the list of "Incomplete" Sets and nothing happens (I believe because in my set there are no roms with missing files) ?
A: Export works fine. Export incomplete sets will work if you actually have incomplete sets listed (the red cross ones). Either export to clipboard or file. Similiar applies for completely missing ones

Q: I take a look at this "Scan Result". I think the list now shows me all the parent roms that I don't have at all.... it's about 1000 titles
A: Scan Resuls show ALL issues

If you scan you can encounter 2 cases:

1) you got parts of a set (a set is a collection of roms/chds/samples, e.g. "pacman") where some files of the set are 'bad' (wrongly named, missing, bad checksum)


2) you don't have any file of the set (pacman is completely missing)

The hide completely missing set option would hide 2) but will show 1).

So in this case you would see only sets which are partly incorrect.

This has nothing to do with playability. If you keep your sets split-merged you have parent sets and clone sets where the clones don't include the needed files from the parent. So if you got a clone you do need the parent, too (sometimes plus device sets plus bios sets). So if your scan result show no problems but you got the hide-fully-missing sets options enabled, you might still miss a parent....and you won't be able to run the game.

Again, there is no real reason to enable the hide-completly-missing sets option.
If you only have 10 sets out of 10000, then yes, you will get 9990 entries saying that you miss a set.
If you want to limit your scan to the sets you have, you go to set information, enable "the four incl. clones,parents,devices,bios" options and hit "avail sets".

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