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clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: Yesterday at 13:38 »
zitz: yes...of course the rar archive only holds the exe which (should) run under XP. you need a 4.034 installation first, then replace the exe.

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: Yesterday at 05:33 »
you've extracted the file into your installed cmpro folder( and replaced the existing exe) haven't you?

First of all, as a beginner I strongly advice you to NOT include software lists. If you want to scan softwarelists, use them in their own profiles.
Secondly, the warning tells you what's wrong. In combined software list mode (which you should not use as a beginner, that's what the prompt tells you when you import data), you need to assign system default paths. And these paths need to be unique and distinct.

So, start over, import data from a MAME binary and answer the question about importing software lists at the end of the import with "no" ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 22 February 2018, 08:07 »
coccola: you actually can't help. The server seems to send a HTTP error code 400 from time to time (bad request) which seems to be caused server sided (since the cmpro request does not change). Since it's not my server I cannot do anything (however I informed the server owners, but no reply). Lately I was able to 'fix' this behaviour by changing some http headers here and there and as mentioned, it works flawlessly on any machine/network I've tested so far (while the old code still fails). So it is somehow network/server related...my DNS cache...maybe just a random thing on the server....

zitz: No xp support ? NO, no XP support. XP is dead. Microsoft's end of support was 2014. Upgrade!
To be honest, I usually compile a limited version which still runs on XP from time to time. So...you might see one download link sooner or later.

Update: XP Users please test this.... https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/binaries/cmproXP..rar

Can you be a bit more specific? A plain "Bad System-Default Paths" does not exist, so a screenshot might help?
Generally using system default paths is something more enhanced...a new user normally has to use them

clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 21 February 2018, 08:47 »
Hmm...no issues here with the new dll from 3 different machines in 3 different networks....The old dll does cause issues though.

clrmame Discussion / Re: 194 homerun
« on: 20 February 2018, 20:04 »
this is resolved with 4.034

clrmame Discussion / cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 20 February 2018, 20:03 »
fixed: due to a cache flag error, in non-merged mode, cmpro took merge attribute information for names into account which is wrong
fixed: setinfo, falsely hide empty parent set and its clones in tree when parent is empty but clones got content
fixed: scanner, falsely list empty parents set in full merged mode as wrong named when parent is empty
fixed: scanner, falsely list empty parent set in full merged, multi-software list mode as missing when set exists in various software lists
fixed: miss list generator falsely lists sampleonly sets when they only reference parent samples
fixed: scanner, falsely show wrong case set messages when missing option is turned off
misc:  allow romclones to be sampleparents
misc:  switched to visual studio 2017 (also for updater)
misc:  updated zipArchive lib to 4.6.5, 7z sdk to 18.01

if you have problems with the update process in 4.033, you can download an updated update.dll here: https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/binaries/update.rar

clrmame Discussion / Re: Can you add ECM support?
« on: 20 February 2018, 14:09 »
"Merging" is a term which is used within MAME and cmpro and simply means that you define on datfile basis parent/clone relations of sets.
So it's just a question of how you write a datfile for your cd images and how you organized the relations in there.

And in days of cheap multi terabyte hds I don't think you gain anything worthy when switching from e.g. 7z to ecm (however I admit that I have no idea about the compression ratios of it), so no, ECM won't be supported in the near future.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Can you add ECM support?
« on: 19 February 2018, 15:17 »
Why? What should be the use case?
Having a single ecm encoded file and the datfile lists the single not encoded one with its original size/hashes?
I guess there are not that many collections out there which actually use it at all, are there?

Do you have any examples where it is actually used?

clrmame Discussion / Re: Mame scan fing Genesis missing set
« on: 11 February 2018, 09:34 »
Or simply click on the load button after selecting multiple profiles

clrmame Discussion / Re: Mame scan fing Genesis missing set
« on: 10 February 2018, 08:27 »
That's what the batcher is for....simply select multiple profiles in the profiler (while holding CTRL) and click on load.....

clrmame Discussion / Re: Mame scan fing Genesis missing set
« on: 09 February 2018, 08:03 »
Most likely you only had a subset of sets enabled....so a "select all" button click in set information would be enough...
...but as mentioned...hard to say without having settings details
Good to hear the problem is resolved

clrmame Discussion / Re: Mame scan fing Genesis missing set
« on: 08 February 2018, 18:04 »
Maybe you limited the number of sets....(checkbox should be checked left beside the name in the set information window).
I've just tested it with a profile based on the single hash file and scanning and rebuilding works fine, also in full software list mode it works fine.

So...question is how you set the profile up....what you can do is to

create a new profile based on the single aim65_cart.xml file (so all sets are enabled by default), setup a new rompath for it in settings, switch to full merge mode and rebuild...everything valid found in the source will be added to the destination...

So...if a new scan does not list anything missing your setup is different...either you 1) limited the number of sets or 2) scan different data or 3) use multiple rompaths so parts come from path 1, others from 2....

All I can say for now is: it works fine....To help you I'd need more information about your specific profile setup

or turn on rebuilder logging (in rebuilder advanced) and check what is logged or post it here

clrmame Discussion / Re: Mame scan fing Genesis missing set
« on: 08 February 2018, 10:05 »
well, if the rebuilder did not create the ones in question, you did not have the correct files in the source folder (hash and size match)

For example check your pascal10 set if it really holds the hashes shown in the attached screenshot

clrmame Discussion / 194 homerun
« on: 31 January 2018, 18:36 »
machine name="homerun" sourcefile="homerun.cpp" cloneof="nhomerun" romof="nhomerun" sampleof="homerun"

machine name="nhomerun" sourcefile="homerun.cpp" sampleof="homerun"

hmm....homerun is a romclone of nhomerum but homerun is also a sampleparent of nhomerum.....

guess that's not intended, is it?

will see what the devs say....until then you need to double the sampleset ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: v4.033 and MAME 0.193:
« on: 31 January 2018, 07:56 »
ok here we go:

remember that there are 2 official ways to store sets in MAME.

For decompressed sets you keep them in: rompath\setname\file 1 ... file n (this is similar for the normal chd storing mode, too)
for compressed sets you keep them in : rompath\setname.zip (or .7z) where the archive holds file 1...n for this set

clrmamepro supports both during a scan.

So rompaths can hold folders but they are meant to be for either chd containers or decompressed sets. That's also the reason why you should not have rompaths in rompaths....the scanner will find a folder within the rompath, tries to match its content against the database and will most likely fail and mark it as unneeded...

In the example, cmpro found a "neogeo" folder (which is a valid set name in MAME, it's the neogeo bios set) inside a setup rompath...and shows the warning....
The test is really old....decades.....I guess it's limited to only test for bios set names....I might need to review this old bastard ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: v4.033 and MAME 0.193:
« on: 29 January 2018, 07:03 »
so I should ignore this post completely?  :)

This is not a method. It's simply what you specified as path for example: \\?\e:\mame\roms\neogeo instead of just e:\mame\roms\neogeo

Actually there is no registry hacking needed when using unc style path names....

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