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clrmame Discussion / Re: cmnpro 4.034 released
« on: 23 April 2018, 18:46 »
solution: provide any useful information...like what did you do, what files were involved etc etc etc...

forum please

If you drag'n drop files, the rebuilder is used internally and of course the current settings of the rebuilder are used.....so if you prefer 7z you should switch it in the rebuilder options

...and you have them in different archive types (7z and zip).

So you can simply move them manually out of the rompaths and use a well configured rebuilder to readd them
...or keep one instance alive and kill the other

clrmame Discussion / Re: excluding non-working rom/chd sets
« on: 07 April 2018, 09:16 »
Well, first of all, cmpro is an auditing tool, so you need a way to tell cmpro what a working set is actually.
...and that's the problem. A validated set with all required files is something different than a working set, since emulation lacks may make a game impossible to play but still a full dump exists....

So...there is no good flag in MAME's -listxml output which marks a set "working".

So you usually end with enabling/disabling sets manually in Scanner->Scan Results Window->Set Information.

What you can do is either use a manual list (provided by some sites in the internet) which picked the working ones and use this list in Set Information's
 FromFile. Or you can use Select Sets with %D=good to enable the ones which have DriverStatus = good.

But still...there is no real marker....

sounds perfectly correct

Unfortunately the mentioned datfiles don't have region specific elements, so you can't simply use the region/language selector to select the sets you need.
So the only chance is to enable english only sets in the SetInformation dialog (Scanner->Scan Results Tree -> SetInformation button).
Go there, and enter in the select sets input box an appropriate expression (+ Apply Button to set it)

For example %d=*USA*;%d=*(En*

Which enables sets which got either "USA" or "(En" in their set descriptions.

there is nothing special about decompressed sets...read my first post again and made yourself clear about what a rompath is, what a setname is and what this means for your path setup. you are most likely using awrong rompath setup.

setname (defined in the datfile)=flyers
rompath = the parentfolder of flyers but keep in mind everything else in this path will be marked as unneeded since the only valid set is flyers....so I guess you have to rearrange some paths and add one level

clrmame Discussion / Re: Problem with my DATfile
« on: 28 March 2018, 19:28 »
the new one is corrupt...look at the definition of "V Goal Soccer (Europe) [MAME 0.061]-1069" and the following set "Tecmo World Cup '94 (set 1) [MAME 0.061]-1067"

looks like it misses the "game (" part for the latter one

BeyondCompare is your friend.......

wonder that the old parser still parses it (most likely it simply quits and keeps what was scanned till the problem)......use XML ;-)

Hmm....I didn't experience any crash...so would be interesting what is crashing.....any info available? Screenshots? Standard zip files are limited to < 4GB. Anything above is not standard zip (however zip64 is supported by cmpro). So you might want to use 7z instead.

On the other side you can of course use flyers decompressed as any other type of sets.
Keep in mind the official storing method: rompath\setname\file 1... file n for decompressed sets, and rompath\setname(.zip/.rar/.7z) for compressed ones.

Progretto flyer datfile holds only one set, named "flyers", and this set holds all single game flyer pngs...
so your setup can be something like:

F:\MAME\Progetto\progetto-SNAPS - Flyers\flyers
where flyers holds the single files and F:\MAME\Progetto\progetto-SNAPS - Flyers is your setup rompath

Generally for progetto sets you should disable fix-missing (this is a time killer)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Open source on Github
« on: 24 March 2018, 18:55 »
Good luck

the context menu offers several options...for example copy-to-clipboard->all listed set messages and there is also a log file option under save

Well, that's because an unneeded folder entry is the same type of 'issue' as an unknown file.......there is actually not really a difference....same for let's say uncompressed sets where you got a dummy file or a dummy folder...both will be marked as unneeded.

I doubt that I will change this behaviour....normally unneeded folder zipstructes are pretty rare these days.....guess I've seen the last one ages ago ;-)

First of all, you need to realize how the official storing methods work:
rompath\setname\file 1...file n for decompressed sets
rompath\setname.zip (.rar/.7z) for compressed sets
chd files are usually also stored like the decompressed version. So you may have something like myroms\game1\1.chd while the belonging roms are stored in myroms\game1.zip

The rebuilder is a file based tool which simply takes any file from the source and adds it to all existing instances (database match) in the destination. Of course a rebuilder operation does not say anything about completeness.

The scanner is the checking tool. Don't use the miss and have list buttons but keep all "you want to check" and all check options enabled and do a scan. The scanner tree window gives you detailed information what is needed.

The miss/have lists are just a quick lookup if a set exists, not necessarily if they are complete.
Finally you need to be sure that you're checking the correct stuff (double check the loaded database against the version you're using for playing, check the rompaths, check if all sets and systems are enabled).

So...to sum it up: use scanner's (new)scan option and look at the tree output. That's the only important information about the completeness of your sets.

yes chdman.exe is needed and it has to be accessible for cmpro...i.e. it needs to be either included in %PATH% variable or go to settings->compressor->chdman and put in the full path/filename in the executable input field.

You can be sure. zipfile directory information entries are not needed for a valid zipfile since each file holds the full path.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Open source on Github
« on: 20 March 2018, 07:29 »
use native Windows then. cmpro is not intended to be used under WINE ;-)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Open source on Github
« on: 19 March 2018, 16:22 »
now *that* is interesting and actually you should use softwarelists in singe profiles, not in the combined mode, especially not when you're on an old machine.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Open source on Github
« on: 19 March 2018, 13:05 »
I highly doubt it's based on manual allocation....
you shouldn't waste time finding something on your end until I looked at the source to see what's happening there...by the way what's mn stand for? don't say minutes....In the meantime I've tested in on an Ubuntu Virtual box with wine...and I don't see any enormous delay.....

clrmame Discussion / Re: Decompresion option?
« on: 19 March 2018, 10:57 »
simply untick the "compress files" checkbox

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