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Thank you for the input on this issue. For anyone else having the same problem I can say that it’s a mismatch between the romset and the dat file. I have not gained access to the No-Intro forum to ask them but there has likely been roms added to the most recent dat that are not in my romset. I thought I didn’t know how to use clrmamepro but that was not the issue.

First of all thank you for your patience. So, there is two regions USA and JPN. I selected both and made sure JPN is 1st priority as to not ask for things not existing.. I did a new scan on the full set and i get 55/274 missing sets and 87/274 missing roms. I first chose to fix case, name, date and size. This returned 55/274 missing on both roms and sets. After that I chose Fix missing and it returns the same result 55/274 missing for both sets and roms. As an example one of the missing games is "Dig Dug (Japan) (Disk Writer)", it's missing both the set and the rom. When I look in the folder for the full set there is a folder with the exact same name but with b in brackets (can't write it out since it just bolds the text) at the end. The MD5 checksum that clrmamepro is looking for is not the same as the MD5 checksum of the (b) rom I have in the no-intro set. This apparently means that I actually don't have the correct rom and I possibly have an earlier set with bad dumps and there exists a more recent set with better dumps that the dat-omatic knows to look for?

Thank you. I’m really in this for the tinkering but clrmamepro has a very high learning curve. I’m keeping the full no-intro set for archiving reasons but for practical purposes the 1g1r set is logical. Good that I don’t need to move roms manually, I suspected that wasn’t the way to go. What should I read to get on with this? I don’t fully understand your reply. The FDS was only released in Japan so why is there a USA region? Maybe that is the problem? Or that is what I understand from your reply.

I have a full no-intro nintendo fds romset and attempting to filter a 1g1r set with a dat from no-intro dat-omatic (I’m using clrmamepro on Win10). When I scan i get a list of missing roms, for example DigDug is reported missing. When I check the folder with the romset there is several versions of DigDug. Also to note is that it’s a full no-intro set and a no-intro dat, so I don’t see why this occurs. I chose all regions (only USA/JPN available). I’m following the instructions here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190904134601/https://www.reddit.com/r/RetroPie/comments/5njtvs/guide_how_to_trim_your_romset_of_duplicate_roms/ and I wonder espiacially about this quote ”The detail window will tell you the exact roms that you are missing from your romset. If you are like me, you can find them seperately from your romset and add them to your roms folder and then do another scan.”. Why would I need to maually add games and why would they show up in a socond scan if the same games didn’t show up the first time around? What am I doing wrong and what should I do to obtain a proper 1g1r set?

Ok. Thank you for your time. If I find a solution to the problem I will post here.

that's why I simply specified the path manually and did not use the browse buttons and I got it work then....and then cmpro worked flawlessly.

Thank you for bearing with me. Just to make sure, did it sound like I made the new package correctly, as I wrote in my previous message? If not could you specify the process of adding the files to the package? Which file or files should be added to what location in the package?

So....actually this should work....let me know if these steps work for you...

Thank you. I'm following the instructions but I'm not sure what do at step 12. The notepad.exe in the example in the instructions is already inside the newly created Wineskin package. If i try to select the cmpro.exe in step 12 in the Finder it just loops back to the "drive_c" folder inside the wrapper. I tried to add the .exe, and also the whole folder containing the .exe and all the other files, to the new Wineskin package while in the Finder and then go to step 12. This gets me out of the loop to the drive_c folder but I just get a similar situation to when I start the app as I first described this whole problem in my first post, no window. Lastly, I checked and added the "Adv_HideWindow = off" in the clrpro.ini file in the new package but still no window and needs to force quit. If you think I have done the steps correctly then I don't know whats wrong.. Could you create a download link for the package you created, so I can test?

Ok, we might have found the problem. I don’t have Crossover or Wine etc. I thought the Wineskin wrapper was a standalone package.. If I understood this wrong I’m very sorry to have wasted your time. What should I do next to move forward? Kind regards.

I'm not sure what you mean by trying the XP version but what I did was I replaced the .exe file in the v4034 package with the XP .exe that you linked. The exact same thing happened as described above.

When double clicking the app it almost instantly switches back to the finder. The app stays in the dock, I can switch back to the app by clicking it in the dock and I can access the menus but I can't quit, it doesn't do anything. The process is visible in the ActivityMonitor and in the ForceQuit app but not listed as unresponsive. I'm not very good with these things but something is wrong because it immediately switches back to the Finder. I don't know how to check the status of the app other than this. It seems it's running, it's not completely frozen because I can access the menus but it is unresponsive since I can't even quit.

Thanks for the reply. The app hasn't added anything to the .ini. It's just like I created it, with the two lines. Also the app doesn't quit without forcing so something is definitely wrong. Of course it might be my setup too, I'm on a pretty much default High Sierra. Any ideas?

I'm trying to use Clrmamepro on OSX High Sierra. I have downloaded and tried both the newest and second newest versions from this site (https://www.emulab.it). When I start the app I don't have any windows and no options to do anything. I created (with Nano) and added the clrpro.ini file as suggested with the "[CMPRO SETTINGS] Adv_HideWindow = off" string but the same problem persists. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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