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Quality: Excellent.
Lenght: Fine.
Content: I think that will be nice to have a portion of the intro, the title and some gameplay (maybe the demo rolling if present), which are elements usually used on a search for a game.

Just my 2 cents, ask for more detailed feedback if you need.

I really want to help you with this, as I find these kind of previews better than the pictures (don't take me wrong, antopisa is doing a perfect hell of a job with his sets). But again, having a night job plus a career let me with no time to do anything.

You have my full support on this (saying this at the same time that my HD is looking at me with a really bad face ^_^;)

clrmame Discussion / Re: Profiler slow to load
« on: 04 August 2011, 16:12 »
I know this thread is old, but I'm having the same problem.

  • It happens at the first opening AND after a looong time clrmamepro remained closed
  • It opens instantly after I closed it
  • I have a lot less DATs than TC (I'd attached the htm report.)
  • I added the complete clrmamepro folder to avast IS exclusion list (I always used the EXE to install it and to update it)

Maybe a fragmented disk C is causing this? (I'm just guessing)

Thanks for fast replys and the solution. Have a nice day.

You're sure you enabled the belonging header definition?

If yes, send me a datfile in question + the used header xml and an explanation what is reported wrong. When using header support, the sizes and checksums are from the file without the header of course.

Yes, its enabled at the opening of the dat, and of course re-checked by me (in Settings option) hundreds of times.

In fact, the problem is that the ROMs are recognized as 8 MB files, no matter which is the correct size, and clrmamepro ask to fix them. I tried to delete cache files and re-adding & opening the DATs, but the problem persists. They are correct with previous versions of clrmamepro, this happens just in the last two (v3.128b and v3.129).

BTW, i'm using No-Intro's headers, not the ones that came with clrmamepro.

This is a link to one log file, 3 DATs and the headers folder:

clrmame Discussion / [3.129] DATs with headers support bug
« on: 28 July 2009, 20:11 »
Just registered to report this bug, which is happening since v3.128, I think.

Checked with No-Intro's NES, Lynx, FDS DATs. clrmamepro ask for smaller file sizes that they're supposed to be.

Hope this info is useful to you, so you can fix it.

Last, thank you so much for this great & powerful utility.

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