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Thanks a bunch, everything worked perfectly!

So I've been using clrmamepro for years in combined rom/sl moden using split sets, I keep all my normal romsets in the normal roms directory. I keep all my software list roms in a seperate folder (sl) and subfolders for each of the software lists.

Aside from a couple hangups with some of the HDD software lists which have been an easy fix, I have never before had much of a problem using the auto-assign feature in the 'systems' menu.

I haven't updated CMPro in a few months, but after updating to the newest release just today, I noticed that when using auto-assign, it would just assign every bios and software list to whatever the first rom directory in the settings dialogue would be. So if I put /roms first, all of the assignments would be /roms...if I put /sl/32x first, that would be assigned to every software list and bios. I'm not sure whether this issue started in the latest build, or a previous one. But I would like to know if anyone else is having this issue and why it might be occuring.

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