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Well I'm not too worried about the rom that was removed initially.  In the future if I need a particular set to be an older one, I'll handle it case by case.  As far as why I'd need older versions, I have a raspberry pi with a retropie setup and one of the mame versions it uses is 106.  If not for that, I agree lol and I'd avoid the headache because my main setup on my PC's uses up to date versions.

Alright... first off, thanks so much for the explanation about the missing sets.  That makes perfect sense.  As far as the rollback goes, I see you said there's no real reason to do that.  I think I might be on to what you're saying but let me be sure.  I've done a lot of reading on rollbacks over the last 24 hours and I believe I'm seeing that, for the most part, you can just throw your curent sets at an old version and only worry about fixing or replacing the ones that don't work because they've been changed.  Is that what you meant and/or could you elaborate?

On a side note, I ticked the separate bios option back in the rebuilder to test and it's still not deleting that particular rom in the ddragon set that I mentioned earlier.  That being said, I'm not entirely sure what I changed that fixed the earlier issue where it was deleting that file.  But in the 164 rollback set, I couldn't find any versions of ddragon which tells me it's never been changed and doesn't need to be bothered with anyhow.

Thanks again for your help!

Hey all, n00b here.  I've been a MAME user for years but just got into clrmamepro in hopes of doing rollbacks and some non-merged sets.  I have the latest 164 split set, used clr to make the profile from the 164 binary, added the roms directory, made sure it was set to split sets, and scanned.  These are my results, omitting samples and chd and a few other things that were fine:

·Sets                 167/35273
·ROMs                 0/239260
·Bytes                0/177gb

Fixed Unneeded
·Sets                 0/1
·ROMs                 0/27

Fixed Wrong Name
·Sets                 0/0
·ROMs                 0/6081

As you can see, there's missing sets, 1 unneeded set, and 27 unneeded roms.  What's more concerning to me though is the 6081 misnamed roms.  Have I done something wrong on my end or is this normal for a fresh set and, if so, can someone explain why?

Also, I have the 164 rollback set and I attempted to rollback to a 106 set.  To that end, I added both the rollback directory and the main rom directory, then in the rebuilder, selected "use add paths".  I chose a new empty destination directory and let it do its thing.  Sets are set to split here as well.  The first thing I noticed is that after it was done, ddragon was missing a rom... 21j-1-5.26, I believe and would no longer work by itself in 106 Mame.  This is odd to me, as ddragon has always worked by itself, as it's a parent rom.  Other sets had this issue as well.  I tried two dats.  One was downloaded from progretto, the other came from Mame32 Pro Special 106. Can someone give some insight on that or is more info needed?

Thanks so much!

Edit:  As far as the rollback goes, I've made progress.  In advanced settings for the rebuilder, I unticked "Separate Bios Sets" and this time, ddragon was left intact.  None of the instructions I read online for creating rollback sets mentioned that, but I believe this part is solved.

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