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clrmame Discussion / Re: Clrmame feature request
« on: 12 August 2016, 12:10 »
can u not use the list that mame provides as not working & the mechanical list ? As if not i can compile a list of whats not working for everyone. As i'm using mame uifx at the moment & it privides  a list of whats not working so i can give u that list.



clrmame Discussion / Re: Clrmame feature request
« on: 09 August 2016, 23:38 »
I have only just got the hang of updating roms so forgive me not knowing the abbreviations. I call working as playable & not crashing all the time plus not correct colours or not perfect graphics or working with problems. I go on what Mame says is fully playable so anything where you could just tick or not tick would be great & easy for someone like me.
So when you do a scan you could just tick the box or not tick the box for not working games/roms & same for imperfect & mechanical & Arcade & for console games/roms & for other things say card games & the list could be for other things too eventually when there is a fully detailed list defining which categories a game/roms goes in. If there is someone out there that is willing to show me how to compile my own build that would be great, as I have tried to understand & know what tools I would need to compile before but not being terribly good at techie things is a problem being shown & being talked through it & recording would help me so much.  Thankyou for replying so quickly

clrmame Discussion / Re: Clrmame feature request
« on: 08 August 2016, 21:22 »
Is it possible to add a feature were as clrmame can just search for the working games/roms & chd's eg. the working arcade games then a feature for the working console games. 2 seperate searches please as now mess is included now in mame i don't have any space on my hard drive & i must guess it's gotta be the same problem for a few other users. I would gladly donate if its posiible. Many Thanks

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