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Author Topic: MAME 0.143u8  (Read 14307 times)


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MAME 0.143u8
« on: 23 October 2011, 16:41 »


MAME 0.143u8 whatsnew :

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04505: [Graphics] airbustr and clones: Background scrolling is jerky
- 04497: [Crash/Freeze] spss4240: Hang during "Initializing.." routine
         (Jim Stolis)
- 04507: [Documentation] mmmbnk: Game description is just "Medal
         Mahjong Moukari Bancho".
- 04496: [Crash/Freeze] m1cluecb, m1przclu: Hang of application after
         OK (R. Belmont)
- 04441: [Crash/Freeze] Most sets in triforce.c: Crash/Assert before
         OK (R. Belmont)
- 04502: [Crash/Freeze] crtaxihr, mj2, mj3, outr2st: Stop before
         "Initialization" completion (R. Belmont)
- 04503: [Crash/Freeze] azumanga, initdv2jo, initdv3jb: Access
         Violation during "Initializing" (R. Belmont)

Source Changes
Improvements to magicfly.c [Roberto Fresca]
 * Confirmed and fixed CPU clock for magicfly and 7mezzo.
 * Rearranged the graphic ROMs addressing. Splitted both gfx banks.
 * Created and minimized the color palette for both gfx banks.
 * Fixed colors for magicfly and 7mezzo.

Provided DVD dump for junai [alien_mame, The Dumping Union]

lethalen: improved offset screen and gun in japan version; removed
eeprom default values [Roberto Zandona']

taito_z.c: Added PCB locations to the Aqua Jack sets [ShouTime]

taitopjc: Preliminary text layer and I/O CPU hookup [Ville Linde]

taitotz: preliminary text layer hookup [Ville Linde]

viper: implemented timers and I2C interface on MPC8240 [Ville Linde]

voodoo: preliminary Voodoo 3 support [Ville Linde]

Wrote a basic core for Epson RTC-9701 device chip [David Haywood,
Angelo Salese]

Fixed various translitteration errors in csplayh5.c game name
descriptions [Fujix]

Fixed Juno First refresh rate and interrupt firing
[Angelo Salese, Chris Hardy]

Removed deprecat.h usage from higemaru.c [Angelo Salese]

Removed deprecat.h usage from srmp6.c [Angelo Salese]

naomi: fix various crashes for some GD-ROM sets [R. Belmont]

Added tables from vlm5030 as verified by decap from ogoun. Adapted
vlm5030 to use the tms5xxx common tables file. Some details have yet
to be worked out for certain (how exactly the reflection coefficients
beyond k=2 address the k2+ rom)
[ogoun, Lord Nightmare, The Dumping Union]

Adjusted the VLM5030 K3 thru K10 coefficients to be based not on
reading the K2 rom but based on the index itself <<6 or 7. This makes
the games sound much better and explains the very small ram size used
for coefficients other than K1 and K2. This needs further
investigation and figuring out of the die schematic to settle
completely. [Lord Nightmare]

Various gottlieb.c fixes [Tafoid]
 * Verified through playtesting, manuals and in-game service modes all
    dips in the driver.  Consolidated and added Dip Locations based on
    all available information.
 * Changed Q*bert and Q*bert's Qubes joystick layout to 8-Way to allow
    for diagonals to be not only be mapped but used if desired.

Optimzied SH4 core by using a single opcode jump table instead of
nested switch statements [David Haywood]

namcos22.c: improved flat shading and depth cueing [hap]

Golden Poker driver improvements. [Roberto Fresca]
 * Mapped the Dallas DS1210 for Video Klein sets that have one.
 * Mapped the 2800-2fff range as RAM for the non-Dallas Video Klein
 * Some minor fixes.

Fixed colors to Witch Card (Video Klein CPU box, set 2)
[Roberto Fresca]

Novo Play Multi Card / Club Card improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
 * Added proper button-lamps support and layout.
 * Added default NVRAM, necessary to boot.
 * Added technical notes.

JPM IMPACT changes that make the display at least work now, and some
more M1 set splitting [James Wallace]

Preliminary emulation of the YMZ770 sound chip
[R. Belmont, O. Galibert, MetalliC]

Funworld driver: Documented hopper motor line (temporarily added as an
extra lamp). Better documentation of output ports... Novo Play Multi
Card: Added PIAs connections layout, added 'Allow Autohold' DIP
switch. [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon]

Various improvements to Magic the Gathering: Armageddon [Phil Bennett]

Made some fixes/additions to the input system [kanikani]
 * Added the possibility to press contradictory direction digital
    joystick input at the same time (i.e. up-down, left-right);
 * Added the possibility to set an arbitrary value for coin impulses;
 * fixed a bug with loop lever routine
 * fixed a bug with analog joystick routine

Various fixes in tnzs.c driver [kanikani]
 * Plump Pop
 - update DIPSW item (collision between each players' child)
 * Extermination
 * Arkanoid Revenge of DOH
 * Dr.Toppel
 * Kageki
 * Chuka Taisen
 * The Newzealand Story
 * Kabuki Z
 - fixed difficulty DIPSW (EASY and MEDIUM is reversed)
 * Insector X
 - fixed difficulty DIPSW (based on manual)

Various fixes in tmnt.c driver [kanikani]
 * T.M.N.T.
 - fixed visible area (garbage on each side is correct (verified on
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Golfing Greats
 - fixed inputs
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Trigon
 * Cuebrick
 * M.I.A.
 * Punk Shot
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Premiere Soccer
Various fixes in ninjaw.c driver [kanikani]
 * Ninja Warriors
 - added DIPSW notes
 * Darius II
 - fixed DIPSW
 - fixed game description
Various fixes in twin16.c driver [kanikani]
 * Majuu no Oukoku
 - fixed inputs
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Gradius II
 * Hard Puncher
 * M.I.A.
 * Cuebrick
 - fixed DIPSW

Fixed DIPSW in Darius II [kanikani]

Fixed DIPSW in Ninja Ryuukenden / Ninja Gaiden [kanikani]

Various fixes in galaga.c driver [kanikani]
 * Bosconian
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Galaga
 * Xevious
 * DigDug
Fixed DIPSW and DIPLOCATION in segas24.c driver [kanikani]

Fixed DIPSW and DIPLOCATION in segas18.c driver [kanikani]

Fixed DIPSW in segag80r.c driver [kanikani]

Fixed DIPSW in segag80v.c driver [kanikani]

Fixed DIPSW in segald.c driver [kanikani]

Fixed DIPSW in Ninjakun and Penguin-Kun Wars [kanikani]

Various fixes in dec0.c driver [kanikani]
 * Heavy Barrel
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Birdie Try
 * Dragon Ninja
 * Fighting Fantasy
 * Midnight Resistance
 - fixed DIPSW
 * Robocop

Fixed coinage DIPSW using Sega common setting in segaybd.c,
segaorun.c, segaxbd.c, segahang.c, segae.c, segac2.c, segas16a.c and
segas16b.c drivers [kanikani]

Fixed coinage DIPSW using Konami common setting in chqflag.c, pooyan.c
and rockrage.c drivers [kanikani]

Various fixes in sega16b.c driver [kanikani]
 * Ace Attacker
 - added I/O board read routine
 * Dunk Shot
 * Sukeban Janshi Ryuko
 - added DIPSW
 * Time Scanner
 - fixed DIPSW

Various fixes in sega16a.c driver [kanikani]
 * Ace Attacker
 - changed to use analog device
 * Sukeban Janshi Ryuko
 - added DIPSW
 * Time Scanner
 - fixed DIPSW

Fixed / added comments in ninjakd2.c driver [kanikani]

Made some video optimizations in toypop.c driver [kanikani]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Waku Waku Doubutsu Land TonTon [Angelo Salese, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Roberto
Kasino '89 [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon, Tomasz Slanina]
Novo Play Multi Card / Club Card [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon]

New clones added
Crash (bootleg of Head On) [f205v]
Gunbuster (US) [ShouTime]
Mustafa and 40 Thieves (Bootleg)  [f205v]
Flyball (rev 2) [Siftware]
Bad Lands (bootleg, alternate) [Tomasz Slanina]
Witch Card (Video Klein CPU box, set 2) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Alpha Mission 2 (prototype) [Brian Hargrove]
Burning Fight (prototype) [Brian Hargrove]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Unknown TMS9980 Poker Game [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Jyunai 2 - White Love Story [alien_mame, The Dumping Union]
Namco Stars [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
Sega's Golden Poker Series "Joker's Wild" [Yasuhiro Ogawa]
Real Puncher [Phil Bennett, Chris Hardy]
Speed Driver [XingXing]
Racing Jam DX [Tomas Dahlgren]

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