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Author Topic: Wonder if clrmame can combine roms for MAME / PinMAME in two locations  (Read 293 times)

john iv

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Hi Roman, I'm getting into Visual Pinball again after 6 years, laugh.  I'm looking at clrmame to help with ROM usage, I wonder if it can keep unique pinmame roms in one location and leave mame roms used in both in another.  To explain:


\mame\roms has a lot of the pinmame roms already, I want that to remain where it is so I get a perfect result w/ a scan of mame.exe.
\vp\roms is missing about half of vpmame.exe's supported roms.

I have rebuilt vpmame.exe's roms from \mame\roms into \vp\roms.  So I now have of course unwanted duplication between the two directories.  I can easily have vpmame use its ROM paths to draw from \mame\roms and \vp\roms.

So the question.  Can I have clrmame somehow create *unique* to pinmame roms in the \vp\roms directory while also recognizing the shared roms in \mame\roms so I can get a 100% scan result for pinmame between the two directories.  Does that make sense?
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coming from visual pinball....then of course everything in c:\mame\roms which is not shared becomes unneeded, since it simply does not belong to vp....
and vice versa everything unique to vp will become unneeded for mame...

so currently I only see a chance in somehow build a custom datfile......

I wonder what happens when you setup a profile coming from vp and simply adding the mame rompath and keeping unneeded check disabled...but still fixing might become a problem since cmpro can't really decide where to add/fix sets (usually it does it in-place but when it comes to new archives it takes the first rompath).
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