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Author Topic: Batch Mode - Datfile Folder duplicate subdirectory  (Read 3754 times)


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Batch Mode - Datfile Folder duplicate subdirectory
« on: 31 December 2016, 18:10 »

I don't know if I have something configured incorrectly or if this is a bug...

First, I load new dat files in batch mode with no rompaths set. I set the rompath naming option to be "Datfile folder". Then when I run the scan, the last rompath subdirectory is duplicated in the path.

For example:
Dat file: /datfiles/Console/NES/datfilename.dat
Rom path set: /Console/NES/NES

Any idea if there is an easy fix to this issue?

Update: After tinkering with a few other options, it looks like this may be working as intended according to the description... but I cannot think of a scenario where this is useful. I think its much more useful to just mirror the datfile directory structure instead of tacking on an extra subdirectory.

Unless there is a setting I am overlooking, the only other option looks like renaming all of my datfiles to the appropriate subdirectory name and using the "Datfile file" option instead.
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Re: Batch Mode - Datfile Folder duplicate subdirectory
« Reply #1 on: 01 January 2017, 20:42 »

Well....yes...the double naming is not wanted. Should get fixed for the next version... Until then, you can select in batch mode / misc tab: "for default naming use: DatFile Folder" (the line above "for rompath naming use") which will solve the double naming for you already.
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