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I checked the documentation but it gives an 404 error.
I'm unable to properly set-up the folders to check my software lists: I assign my MAME folder to the STANDARD variable and click on auto-assign.
As a result, all the systems get either assigned my ROMs or my CHDs folder.
I have a ROMs, a CHDs, a Software List ROMs and a Software List CHDs folder inside my MAME folder.

I tried to restrict the search my choosing the Software List folders as STANDARD base folder, but the folder select dialog does not let me drill down the MAME folder.
I could probably move those folders a level up, but I want to keep everything nicely contained in one MAME folder on my external drive.

clrmame Discussion / ClrMAME 64 bit crashes under Wine
« on: 05 September 2019, 21:12 »
As a happy user of clrmamepro on macOS using Wine for the last several years, I've recently been trying out the 64 bit version with the impending release of macOS 15 which no longer will support any 32 bit executable.

Sadly, even under the latest version of Wine (4.15), at launch the "Welcome to clrmamepro" message is displayed, but clrmamepro crashes as soon as I click the OK button. Other programs (e.g. mame64b itself) run fine under Wine.

I've added the backtrace to this post. If there is anything I can do to debug this issue Roman, I'll gladly try to help.

clrmame Discussion / Scanning does not start
« on: 28 September 2016, 15:20 »
Until last month CMP worked fine for years, but today when I tried to check my ROMs for the new release, it hangs at 0% at "Scanning Files" (everything else seems to work).

Maybe it's due to the fact that I updated last week macOS to version 10.12 (I'm using CMP using Wine 1.8 under macOS), or the new MAME release is to blame.

Anybody else experiencing any problems?

clrmame Discussion / ClrMAME and merged sets
« on: 01 June 2016, 09:31 »
As MAME supports now .7zipped files and I wanted to move to merged sets (this will free about 20 GB on my internal hard disk), I replaced my ROMs with a fresh set from PD.

But verifying the set (even when using an external .dat file instead of the MAME executable as recommanded on PD's site), ClrMAME now complains about wrong names (they aren't), missing ROMs (they're present) and superfluous ROMS.

Maybe this is caused as I'm using ClrMAME on a Mac using WINE? Anybody had success with a similar setup to mine?

clrmame Discussion / Create a .dat file using a Mac
« on: 23 July 2013, 16:02 »

normally I use a Windows executable of MAME or MESS in conjunction with ClrMAME using Wine on my Mac.

As an experiment, I just tried creating a .dat file using the -listxml option of SDLMAME directly on Mac OS X. This worked fine for MAME, but when Ido the same with SDLMESS, I get lots of errors when trying to load the corresponding file (Set: <no description>\<no set name> wasn't imported).

What am I doing wrong here (I'm using 0.149u1)?

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