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I got impatient....here's the dump:


Load it into winkawaks along with sf2ce.zip and you can play it.  It'll be listed as "sf2ce 920803 US" but once loaded it'll say japan and play just like my pcb

It turns out my other eprom programmer wasn't dumping the chips right.  I bought a cheap willem and spent all of last night figuring out how to get it to work (the software cd that came with it didn't even read).  I managed to dump my revision of sf2 and even got it running in an emulator.  I already sent the working dumped roms to smitdogg so expect to see my dump available shortly.

Hi emu-lab I have some great news for you.  I OWN this undumped pcb of sf2 ce.  It's the japanese 920803 revision.  Here's some good news.  I bought a cheap eprom programmer and discovered I can also dump rom images using my programmer.  As you would imagine I dumped the 21, 22, and 23 eproms from my undumped sf2 ce pcb.  I'm looking for help getting this version included into mame / whatever emulators are out there.  I tried copying the files overtop of the US release of the same revision but they failed to load.  I'm looking for any advice and help with this.


I just noticed you linked my video above haha.

Oh you want proof?  Okay I'll capture a video of the pcb startup screen from my supergun.

*edit yet again*

here you go:


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