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Undumped Wiki / Logitec's World Rally
« on: 16 October 2019, 21:46 »
is World Rally from Logitec listed in undumped?

I'm trying to find out what game is (original game or a version from other company). I think as first it could be based on Crazy Rally (has vertical monitor) but It seems Logitec was bankruptcy in 1983, so I have no idea what game could be, or even if it was advised but not released.

Anyone has more info about this arcade?

Hi, I added some entries for undocumented spanish arcade videogames:
I updated 2 games for Magnet System (EFO):
Formula: http://www.recreativas.org/formula-2291-efosa
Sailing Race: http://www.recreativas.org/sailing-race-2290-efosa

An "virtual pinball" from Recreativos Presas, with ProPinball game licensed from Empire:

But the game is intriguing me is 4 en LĂ­nea from Niemer, I don't know if it was developed "in-house" or adapted from existing one:

Undumped Wiki / Re: Death came from Verminest (2016)
« on: 02 October 2016, 21:55 »
Game exclusively designed for arcade.

Presented in ArcadeCon show 2016.

Looks amazing, I hope come back there again.

Undumped Wiki / Re: Info about Playmatic/Cidelsa
« on: 15 May 2015, 21:58 »
Excellent, many thanks! I hope these games will uncovered some day. The only thing maybe I would add to War Mission is while It was designed for use in Magnet System, It was released in a 3"5 diskette (maybe the other games listed, Crazy Driver, A Day In Space etc were released for that system too). So, I don't know if also these 5 games were released as "stand-alone pcbs" too.
You can check Magnet system boards and and at least there is a image of disk of War Mission withing bootleged games here (I also attached the image at bottom post):

About Gaelco games, yes, there some issues with emulation status (copy+paste while creating entries). I was more focusing simply in add entries, companies and images, but I will fix them.

Aumap has separate lists of Undumped games, missing pcb and emulated games here:

Anyway as you said, It would be very interesing add more specify when a is game is dumped or emulated, so I'm thinking in adding more status, for example:
Desaparecido (Missing / Undumped)
Volcado (Dumped)
Emulado (Emulated)
Emulacion parcial (Partial Emulation) when there are protection issues etc.
and later include filtering for listing.

Stiletto many thanks for answering, for add the entries and for feedback!
Any questions and suggestions are welcome :)

Best regards,

Undumped Wiki / Re: Info about Playmatic/Cidelsa
« on: 05 April 2015, 13:55 »
Thanks Stiletto! I'm trying to document the extensive list of cabinets and pcb clones, including licensed and unlicensed games, and also document games developed in Spain.

About Cidelsa/EFO, I have seen the Chuby/....  entry. I hope someone can confirm what is the exact title from that description.

About the wiki, I can write a entry for each game I listed, including the references from where I have found (for external links), so you could add them to the wiki, If you like. If so let me know :)

Undumped Wiki / Info about Playmatic/Cidelsa
« on: 01 March 2015, 01:05 »
I'm David and I'm looking for information about games from spanish company Playmatic/Cidelsa.

As said in other posts, EFO (Electronica Funcional Operativa SA) developed some arcade videogames for Playmatic, released under their Cidelsa brand. With rumours of existing another games still undercovered, I tried to found more information.

Well, aside of Clean Octopus (from a flyer listed in the infamous Gus Demeyer's old web site), it could be released more titles:

- Nightmare.
- Space Blaster.
Both titles registered by Playmatic. They could be 2 more videos developed by EFO for Playmatic/Cidelsa.

Later, EFOSA developed and launched their own systems/games by their self (without Playmatic). So, around 1986/7 released "Magnet System" a interchangeable game board that uses 3"5 diskettes for loading games. Most of them are bootleg versions of popular coinops, but It seems they developed their own games for this system too.

I found some titles registered by EFOSA:
    A Day in Space
    Jungle Trophy
    Crazy Driver
    War Mission

And later I found in Magnet System advert the name 'War Mission' in one of the diskettes shown. So these titles could be the games they developed exclusively for this system.

Asking for Magnet System in Aumap (forum of collectors preserving spanish arcade games) a board with some disks has surfaced, but unluckly none of the disks found were one of these games.

I attach here links with more information:

An interview I did with some EFOSA ex-employees (in spanish)

List of titles released and/or developed by EFOSA:

Info and images of Magnet System by EFOSA:

So, if someone has more information or images, please contact here, I'm very interested in know or preserve more of these companies.

Best regards,
Spanish Arcade Database.

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