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clrmame Discussion / strange 1g1r behavior selecting unneeded
« on: 11 January 2019, 07:02 »
I'm using 1g1r mode to trim my SNES collection, and noticed something strange:

-I've selected USA as the only region.
-My set contains "Mortal Kombat (USA)" but is missing "Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1)"
-In 1g1r mode, clrmamepro wants to delete "Mortal Kombat (USA)" as unneeded, even though "Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1)" is missing
-If I proceed with fixing unneeded files, I end up with no copy of Mortal Kombat
-This happens even if I add EUR as an alternate, second region
-The regular scanner mode (non-1g1r) shows my copy of "Mortal Kombat (USA)" as good and "Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1)" as missing, as expected.
Here are the relevant entries from the p/clone xml:

Code: [Select]
<game name="Mortal Kombat (USA)" cloneof="Mortal Kombat (Europe) (Rev 1)">
<description>Mortal Kombat (USA)</description>
<rom name="Mortal Kombat (USA).sfc" size="2097152" crc="def42945" md5="0934878bb5ef33f25c1fcaba18a1105b" sha1="c6ded5b8bca1716a2dddfdc697b31f085aaa05d0" status="verified"/>
<game name="Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1)" cloneof="Mortal Kombat (Europe) (Rev 1)">
<description>Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1)</description>
<release name="Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1)" region="USA"/>
<rom name="Mortal Kombat (USA) (Rev 1).sfc" size="2097152" crc="7ca113c9" md5="3ca4ba9c14827abfa0d047151bc86634" sha1="cf1c70c368da2a5a38771465137d7ab243b16335" status="verified"/>

Scanner mode (you can see both in "set information"):

1g1r mode ("Mortal Kombat (USA)" disappears from the set information list):

1g1r mode (all copies of "Mortal Kombat" from all regions get marked as unneeded, even though I don't have "Mortal Kombat (USA) (rev 1)"):

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