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I'm running Windows 8.1 64 bit, and Clrmamepro 4.014a (zip, not self-extracting).  7Zip v9.20 is also installed.  (While 7Zip is up to 9.32alpha, I've stuck with 9.20 because every release since has been an alpha or beta, and the page still links to 9.20.)

The Rebuilder is set to compress to 7z.

When "Additionally test SHA1/MD5 of existing destination" is checked, an "error while unpacking 7z file" warning is generated whenever the Rebuilder has to check a destination rom file.

The files in the destination directory appear to be fine.  They test with no issue in 7Zip itself, and also extract with no apparent issue (and the extracted file maintains the proper CRC).

Running the Scanner with "Test archive (decompress to memory) (Scanner only)" checked does not generate warnings, so the issue appears to only occur in the Rebuilder's process?

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