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Thank you guys so much. After dealing with this stuff, i have found a site which list the games that actually work with imame4all, and some of the games that i was trying to play dont work with imame4all. I was for sure missing the rom files from neo geo in order for me to play it (just like the emulator for the pc) and got a hold of the working ROMS that i wanted to play. No matter how much i tried, some roms just dont work with imame4all.

Now im able to play Metal Slug, Baseball stars 2, Metal Slug 2, The Simpsons, Turfmaster, etc.

Thank you for your time guys.

The Burn1nator

I have tried what you told me and it seems like everything went fine. Loaded the .dat file and change the settings. Hit rebuilder and removed the recompress files. I hit the scan and its scanning a shit load of them.

Didnt seem to fix anything. It shows all the active sets, doesnt show Parents, Clones or BIOS. (I am missing the BIOS's for the neo geo games? do i need them?).

Active ROMS is the same.

Probably didnt do it right, but i followed what you told me and it seems to work on rebuilding them with the .dat file from imame4all. I load the files into the ipad but some of them dont even show in the menu.

Any ideas?


EDIT: what i have noticed is that imame4all onn the ipad only shows a few. After checking the converted files, it only shows the same as the ipad and for some reason it doesnt show several. (source and converted dont match in ROM files). Could the roms be bad? i do see 2 of the metal slug games but it says that its missing files, and other stuff.

Even tho i have Baseball Stars, A Wild West game with Cows, and all the Metal Slug games, only 2 Metal Slug games show and they dont work. Hope that help determine what my problem is.

The Scan results show this: unneeded file ROMS\btoads.zip,excitek.zip,megaman2.zip,moo.zip,mslug3.zip,mslug4.zip,mslug5.zip,mslugx.zip,smash5sp.zip,spdodgeb.zip

I dont know what it means when it says that the file was Unneeded.

Thx man i will try that later on and will get back to you.

just a regular joe trying to get some Roms working with imame4all on my ipad. Im decent with computers so i have played with the clrmamepro program to try to figure out how to convert the roms to get them to work with the version of imame4all as they said on the website to do. This is what it says.
Please use "clrmame.dat" file included (dont know how to use it to convert roms) in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/iMAME4all to convert romsets from other MAME versions to the ones used by this version, using ClrMAME Pro utility, available in next webpage:

I have tried using clrmamepro and pretty much click on everything and see what it does, from mergin to non split, etc. I have looked at the .dat file and tried to understand how to convert the romsets so i can get the roms to work on imame4all. Im not trying to do anything fancy like you guys do (you guys get pretty technical here) i just want to be able to upload some ROMS to my ipad and play some metal slug and other great games(love those neo geo games).

If you can please point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it SOOOO much!!!

I am a Newbie but i can follow your instructions pretty good.

Thank you for your help and time.

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