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Undumped Wiki / Re: Info about Playmatic/Cidelsa
« on: 15 December 2023, 07:29 »
I'm David and I'm looking for information about games from spanish company Playmatic/Cidelsa.

As said in other posts, EFO (Electronica Funcional Operativa SA) developed some arcade videogames for Playmatic, released under their Cidelsa brand. With rumours of existing another games still undercovered, I tried to found more information.

Well, aside of Clean Octopus (from a flyer listed in the infamous Gus Demeyer's old web site), it could be released more titles:

- Nightmare.
- Space Blaster.
Both titles registered by Playmatic. They could be 2 more videos developed by EFO for Playmatic/Cidelsa.

Later, EFOSA developed and launched their own systems/games by their self (without Playmatic). So, around 1986/7 released "Magnet System" a interchangeable game board that uses 3"5 diskettes for loading games. Most of them are bootleg versions of popular coinops, but It seems they developed their own games for this system too.

I found some titles registered by EFOSA:
    A Day in Space
    Jungle Trophy
    Crazy Driver
    War Mission

And later I found in Magnet System advert the name 'SRD' in one of the diskettes shown. So these titles could be the games they developed exclusively for this system.

Asking for Magnet System in Aumap (forum of collectors preserving spanish arcade games) a board with some disks has surfaced, but unluckly none of the disks found were one of these games.

I attach here links with more information:

An interview I did with some EFOSA ex-employees (in spanish)

List of titles released and/or developed by EFOSA:

Info and images of Magnet System by EFOSA:

So, if someone has more information or images, please contact here, I'm very interested in know or preserve more of these companies.

Best regards,
Spanish Arcade Database.
I appreciate your interest in Playmatic/Cidelsa and EFOSA arcade games. It's intriguing to explore the history of these companies and their contributions to the gaming industry. While there is limited information available about specific titles like Nightmare and Space Blaster, it's possible that they were developed by EFOSA for Playmatic/Cidelsa. EFOSA's Magnet System featured interchangeable game boards, including their own titles like A Day in Space, Jungle Trophy, Quadrum, Crazy Driver, and War Mission. However, finding more information and images about these games can be challenging. I recommend reaching out to specialized forums and collectors for further insights. Good luck with your research and preservation endeavors!

General / Re: Super Speed Race wanted
« on: 04 November 2023, 08:20 »
Hi, I don't find the rom of this game (sspeedr.zip zipped name).
Always rom with missing file.
Can someone send me the link with the working version?
Hello, I understand your frustration with the missing ROM file for sspeedr.zip. Unfortunately, I can't provide direct links to ROMs, but I can searching for reputable ROM websites or forums where you might find a working version. Remember to exercise caution and ensure you're following legal and ethical guidelines when obtaining ROMs. If you have any other questions or need help with something else related to gaming, feel free to ask. Good luck with your search!

General / Re: Newbie needs help (be nice)
« on: 30 April 2023, 11:02 »
Hi folks. How are we all doing? I am hoping somebody can give me some guidance on how to use clrmamepro properly to update my roms? I have MAME version 0.140 complete (as far as I know) without icons and artwork and samples I think but I do have the roms and CHD'S) I have always struggled to figure out how to update my collecton properly because the tutorials on the website are a bit sketchy to say the least.
Hi there! I understand that you're looking for some guidance on how to properly use clrmamepro to update your roms for MAME. It can definitely be a bit confusing to navigate, especially with unclear tutorials. Have you tried looking for any other resources online, or reaching out to any MAME or clrmamepro communities for help? It might also be helpful to break down the specific issues or questions you're running into, so that someone can provide more targeted guidance.

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