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Thanks a lot :) for your help.

Thanks for your help Roman :)
I have created my dat with Mame64.exe version 0.191 as I always do
I always check everything in the same way (sets, Roms, Samples and CHDs in Split mode)
All checks and Fix Options are selected.
The thing is that I have the Raiden4_v1_00j.chd But I do not have the raiden4.zip
And I cannot find anywhere on the Net.

It's the first time I notice this.

You are probably right I think it might be a problem with mame64 for this release.

Thanks again for answering :)


First of all let me tell you.

I Love Clrmame. This tool is one of my favourites when it comes to fix my roms.

Today I have rescanned and fixed all my roms for mame 0.191
Everything was ok 0 Miss  :) 

Then I started  Mameui64 0.191 and ? when I do  an audit of all the roms  i get

Raiden4: Romset NOT FOUND

in Mame64 the result is the same

Am I missing Something ?

I have searched on the web and can't find anything :(

So Here i am  asking the pros

Thanks a lot for YOUR REALLY FAST answer.

The changes between versions didn't scare me at all :) I am used to it
I knew something was wrong for ME ;) Not the Software (which I appreciate a LOT)
I used Clrmame since 6 or 7 years now. never had a problem with it.

The problem was hide fully missing sets.
I must somehow have turned this on. AND of course it didn'show the files i Missed.
I feel so dumb :S

I am so happy, NOW I can continue my search of missing roms.

Best Regards


I have been using Clrmame for a lot of time now. AND I LOVE it :)
But since February I did not have the time to verify again my mame collection with each release as I used to do it.
As I am in holidays now :)
I decided to check the whole thing again.
I was uptodate until 0.129u3 missing no single rom
in 0.129u4  I missed Sets: 2/7801 and Roms: 3/114727.... But I did not have the time to search :) So it's my fault.
But now..... I dont understand. As I just updated clrmame as usual to the last version.
in 0.133U1 I miss Sets:111/8203 and Roms: 721/119724
in 0.133U2  I miss Sets:100/8214 and Roms: 618/119847

?Sets                 100/8214
?Roms                 618/119847
?CHDs                 69/412
?Samples              0/2225
?Bytes                1gb/69gb

There are some CHD missing as well.
I know that I have to update some  I am working on it.
But my question is : HOW CAN I SEE the CHDs and ROMS I am missing ?
I use split sets....
And have never experienced this before ?
Should I turn some options on ?

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards

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