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clrmame Discussion / Re: Strange 7z LZMA2 warnings
« on: 10 April 2014, 14:56 »
I had setup 152 with a previous version of ClrMame configured to use Torrent7Z (t7z.exe). When i updated to latest ClrMame i forgot to change it to the included 7z.exe.

Maybe that caused problems with 153? I changed to the included 7z.exe, fixed the damaged roms and i am now checking them with full integrity check. So far no problems (it runs for 13 hours on my i7 [email protected] )...

clrmame Discussion / Re: Strange 7z LZMA2 warnings
« on: 08 April 2014, 22:30 »
I have a perfect 152 set (7z-merged) checked with a previous ClrMame using the external 7zip.exe but when i replaced the mame64.exe with the 153 version and run ClrMame 4.014a i noticed delays and many errors of the type "romxxx.7z can't be read".

Actually the roms reported by ClrMame can't be opened now. As i store the roms on a Raid 1, i checked the raid and everything reports fine.

Is it possible a bug in the 7z implementation in latest ClrMame to cause rom corruption?

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