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DatWorkshop Pro 2.1

September 27th, 2008 No comments

DatWorkshop Pro 2.1

  • Re-enabled translation support (Incomplete)
  • Added a function to automatically add created dats to CMP profiler
  • Setup updated with datutil v2.42
  • New (hidden) options to enable/disable graphics menu and xp style
  • Fixed a bug in realdiff with Inverted CRC check
  • Now is possible to hide output format (Change structure) related options
  • Added chd support to realmerge
  • Added chd-regions support to CustomDat
  • Added Batch Mode to DatUtil FE
  • Realmerge now works with mixed DatFile Formats (Listinfo – XML)
  • Added two options (check size and check inverted crc) to SHA1 tool
  • Fixed a bug in 7z code
  • Added two options buttons (format and target) to some tools
  • Realmerge: Fixed “Skip Last DatFile” with XML Dats
  • Now is possibile to create DatFiles from RAINE and M1 emulators
  • Other GUI Improvements

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