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DatWorkshop Pro 0.124.0

April 27th, 2008 Simone Leave a comment Go to comments

DatWorkshop Pro 0.124.0

  • XML Support : All Tools can now manipulate XML DatFiles
  • Added Logiqx DatUtil FrontEnd
  • GUI : Some changes in Wish List
  • GUI : New Xp Style Buttons
  • GUI : UnRar ProgressBar
  • Wish List : INI Category Support
  • Wish List : Now remeber custom extensions
  • Create Dat : Now Support Drag&Drop for the Exe Name
  • RealDiff : Added some options for Tag Removing
  • RealDiff : Changed ‘Preserve Listinfo Tags’ with ‘Remove Other Tags’
  • Ash-Calc : Fixed a crash
  • Misc : DoubleClick on the tray icon now remember the previous state
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