29 March 2020, 16:01
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is RomManager another Rom-renamer / How can I scan my roms with RomManager ?

Absolutely not ! You can't scan your roms with it !

The first thing you have to do is a scan of all your collections with appropriate programs like Cowering's GOODxxx tools, RomCenter, ClrMamePro, RomDoctor or TUGID, and properly generate logfiles (little txt with your missing roms count).

Then just setup paths to your missing logs in RomManager, and now it allows you to easily view your current ROM totals for each set (or entire categories), and display other people's status when you're in an IRC channel.

Can I use RomManager without mIRC ?

RomManager is just a so called mIRC-script. It is not compiled for win32 or whatever, so you need mIRC v5.9 or better to run it.


(To be continued... )