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Author Topic: revx.zip scanner weirdness  (Read 2563 times)


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revx.zip scanner weirdness
« on: 24 October 2022, 09:11 »

Hi Roman,

I ran into this little weirdness while scanning/fixing the split and non-merged sets.
The zipfile revx.zip contains 4 duplicate ROMs that exist in the zipfile with different names.

"revx.u51" CRC(9960ac7c) SHA1(441322f061d627ca7573f612f370a85794681d0f)
"revx.u52" CRC(fbf55510) SHA1(8a5b0004ed09391fe37f0f501b979903d6ae4868)
"revx.u53" CRC(a045b265) SHA1(b294d3a56e41f5ec4ab9bbcc0088833b1cab1879)
"revx.u54" CRC(24471269) SHA1(262345bd147402100785459af422dafd1c562787)

In the 0.249 datfile, these 4 files are being renamed, but same files are already present in the zipfile with these name.
The clrmamepro (4.046b) scanner (all fix options enabled) shows an error that it failed to unpack revx.u53 and revx.u54.
The zipfile test OK and I can unpack these files with no problem.

This commit makes the changes:

Any idea what's causing the scanner to produce these errors?
Files to reproduce attached.

With kind regards, NU.
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Re: revx.zip scanner weirdness
« Reply #1 on: 24 October 2022, 13:15 »

It's pretty common that if a fix operation fails if the "new name" file already exist in the archive. Especially if fully identical files are in the archive.
Can't say why it shows an unpack error for you...maybe I will take a look at it when the new MAME is out...

You can simply rebuild the archive and you're done.

yes, this unzip error will happen with 249....most likely it tries to unpack files temporarily to pack them for backup when they get removed...and since there are 2 identical ones that unpack for back fails....
I haven't looked at it, but you can get rid of the problem by either some manual cleanup or a rebuild of the archive.....
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