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Author Topic: Undumped Pinball Games / redemption games that run on pinball hardware  (Read 14023 times)

Joe The Dragon

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Sega / DE / Stern
Arnon Milchan - need roms
Total Recall - need roms
Flip Out '91 - need roms -uses time machine sound roms
Joel Silver, The Pinball - need roms
Michael Jordan - need roms
Wild Horse Saloon - need roms
Kabuki - need roms
Richie Rich - need roms
Tommy Prototype layout - need roms
king kong - need roms
The Brain - This is a special conversion of The Simpsons Pinball Party -need roms
Viper mini - need roms
Viper Prototype layout - need roms
deathball 2000 - Is this just a joke? In WWF it says this game is coming soon

Alvin G
A-MAZE-ING Baseball - need roms
Dual-Pool -need roms
Max Badazz -need roms
Slam 'N Jam -need roms

high speed prototype? with 4 X 7 Digit (16 Seg. Alphanumeric) + 2 X 2 Digit 7 Seg -need roms
MAZATRON - need roms
Ice Castle -need roms
Pinball Circus -free play only - need roms
Pinball Circus -pay to play - need roms
Ramp Warrior - need roms
Consumer Pin - need roms
M Game  - need roms
Spitfire  - need roms
Cirqus Voltaire prototype roms with old ringmaster voice and differnt game play rules I think it is ver D58
Ticket Tac Toe gum ball - need roms -it is just a rom hack
Flash Gordon 6803 / 68701 hardware? with blue displays - still missing 1 rom
Still Crazy -need roms -only 2 made
Player's Choice -need roms
Ghost Gallery -need roms

Gottlieb / Premier

Gottlieb / Premier games that have later rom versions that what are dumped and in mame / pinmame
Versions seen on games on site
Rescue 911 rom ver /2 pinmame has /1
Waterworld /6 pinmame has /3
cue ball wizard rom ver /4 pinmame has 0
Brooks & Dunn - need roms -only part of this games roms are dumped

Other Gottlieb  games with no rom dumped at all

Amazon Hunt III -Conversion Kit -need roms
critical mass -need roms
Ace High system 80b prototype -need roms
Atari -need roms
4x4 -need roms
Neutron Star -need roms

LochNessMonster -need roms

Gas Attack - Breakshot mod -need roms
Red Line Fever -need roms whitewood / prototype only likely less work done then was done on king pin

White Shark -need roms
The Hunter -need roms
Bloody Roller -need roms
they also made clones of other Bally games with different names..

Red Baron Amusements

Invader Ball -need roms -on the guru dump list

Mac Attack -need roms roms on IPMD and in pinmame are bad / missing dumps.

Dixie (bingo machine) -need roms
Flash Dragon -need roms
Phantom Ship -need roms
Skill Flight -need roms
Stop Ship -need roms
Super Win (bingo machine) -need roms
The Raid -need roms
Zira -need roms

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest -need roms and hardware info
Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End -need roms and hardware info
Marvel Super Heroes -need roms and hardware info
Marvel Heroes vs. Villains -need roms and hardware info

Slalom Code 0.3 -need roms


Sega / DE / Stern

Austin powers - need roms
Baby In The Hole -need roms
Wacky Gator -need hardware info
sega sports -coin pusher - need roms
Irons & Woods - need roms
Roach Racers / Derby Daze - need roms
Udderly Tickets -need roms
Goldfish Catcher
Rescue The Guppy de pinball hardware?

Midway Flying Saucer 1994 - WCP hardware ? http://www.marvin3m.com/arcade/mflynew.htm

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters WPC pinball hardware?
Wheel Of Fortune WPC pinball hardware?


EUREKA -coin pusher token in ticket out and token in token out -need roms -capcom pinball hardware?

Time Race -need roms -capcom pinball hardware?

Pit and Pendulum -need roms -capcom pinball hardware?

First Toon To The Moon -need roms and hardware info

Flintstones - need roms / hardware info

Skee-Ball Amusement Games.
CAR TOON RACIN - one or two player redemption race game - need roms / hardware info

and any other redemption games that run on pinball hardware
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Thanks, next week I'll try to add the infos to thw Wiki!

Joe The Dragon

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Thanks this is this the same list from hear and yes the Pinball 2000 games are dumped just not in the wild. IPDB had them and due to legal issues and court action pending the pinball 2000 roms where pulled.
The S.A.M games are dumped but not in pinmame at this time due to a deal with stern pinball.

Alot of the games are 1 off mods also other redemption games may show in pinmame if the roms and hardware info can be found.

Yes the Viper Prototype layout and Tommy Prototype layout need to be on the list and that layout as in (the way the Playfield is setup) some times stuff get's cut due to costs also the rom software has different dmd art / game play rules.

Now as for Cirqus Voltaire prototype roms is just the same layout as the finale game but the game rules and ringmaster voice is different.

Gottlieb / Premier was very protected of there IP / roms and unlike BALLY / WILLIAMS / Midway and Sega / DE / Stern.
They did not offer free rom updates or even lists of what was changed / fixed so the list needs that as there seems to be not list of what was the last rom ver for each game.
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Joe The Dragon

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more to add
Bromley, Inc
mini pro -need roms Game Manual with Schematics is at http://www.ipdb.org/search.pl?searchtype=advanced&mfgid=518#5312
Derby Dash -need roms

Other bromley games some of them used the BSMT 2000 sound board (found in many pinball games)
Jackpot Xtreme
Hit Hit Alaska Spiderweb
Street Hoops
Street Pitcher
Archive Games
Cops and Robbers
Ghost Hunter
Monster Truck
Rock N Bowl
Super Rock N Bowl
Shocker Streamer
Tower of Terror
Wheel M In
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