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ok warnings are over people have been informed

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Im gone as this place is worse than anywhere if im aloud to control it I'll rebuild it if not it will return to normal soon and I'll move on :-)  everything set in stone......we will see

Hey BP, are you kidding ?

I offered my help without any interference and at free of cost.

You have deliberately deleted all the thread without any advice.

You NEVER informed me or asked my help.

I'm sure that is not the good way to solve a problem if it exists.

Now I'm still love your work at Coinops but is not my intentention to encouraging a war enagaged with whoever you want.

You are warned. you are free to move on and... if i not denote a change in your behavior the entire board will be nuked without any advice.

Also, I'm very disappointed that something that should just be fun has turned into a real war, and I do not approve this.

For this reason I apologize to everyone for what has happened and what will happen if things do not change.

Well said Simone!!


--- Quote from: Retro.G on 15 October 2011, 18:01 ---Well said Simone!!

--- End quote ---
simone is laying down the law as is his right
its up to all of us to stay within the rules of this forum
rules that i cant seem to find anywhere on here :)

ok ill be moving on :) good luck...I warned Simon about this before I joined and that I would need control to stop this as I had control on the blog....I was just waiting for this day...and as usual it come in strong around release time as people that have been around a while will know this is when they really get edgy.....around the big releases and pull out all the :) and waal live for it.....and without control I wont continue on the site full stop. Getting moderators involved takes alot of time and they arnt aware of alot that I its been fun.....beleive it or beleive it not....I warned you about this...and I warned people on the site that I would ban those people in two minutes.....these where left unheard and I couldnt control what happened next.....

anyways I wish you the best, I continue on and finished the testing of CoinOPS 3 lite yesterday as well as working on a new core and some new features....and I still feel sorry for the normal people out I said I dont want to take your time with would and will be painfull for Simon....although you might think im surprised or jumping to conclusions to me they are facts I pointed out on day one (actually before I joined they where the only concern I layed down....xtras are wankers and I need to control them without it the forum will become painfull and it is why I was relutant to join in the first place....

remember as per what I said I know alot and those people never denied stuff so I could call them liars and be able to back it up...they allways changed the subject....I also told people on the first post they should walk carefully and told them if I had the power I would ban them day one....these are the facts to me...all else is rants to me.......

peace all.......and enjoy


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