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OMG !!!

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The story is repeating again and again !!! Soo sad!!!

such hopes...I should have stayed on the blog...was persuaded this wouldnt happen and in the end it was worse......enermies where in the bed waiting and unwatched :) by everyone except me....I knew hog wasnt real as he never posted and was on at times others where ....still I can only warn as usual people tell me im wrong and as usual im unfortunatly correct....I wish I wasnt but its so easy to predict

You was right BP!!! And thats soo sad !!! Why people don't leave other alone!!! Like Michael Jackson said "Leave me Alone!!!"
I just hope that you will never stop CoinOPS, cause it's THE emulator !!!!
You was right too for the blog !!! It's maybe the only solution !!!  :-\
I'm really sad, i thougt they will leave you alone !!! But it was a dream !!!!
Peace BP, there are and will be always a lot of people behind you, and trust in CoinOPS !! Cheers !! 

ok lets get C3 compiled and done...

Im off to bed now, ill try and get on msn tomorrow....

BP do I need it on my PC or will a netbook do?

Smuppy are you in ? You put LOADS into this projecy so far and it would be a shame to walk away now...

Wired-child what do you remeber from your thread? are you in?

I dont think a single thing has been learnt .

Todays posts are more rants .

As for predictions thats crap , I equate the predictions made with someone saying hey that hornets nest will erupt than walking up to it with a bat and taking a few swings turning and saying see I told you so .


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