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20 percent tested...... ps its a new rebrand as it is a point release tested end to end with 50 (1000 games new)  percent more games....when people say im using coinops 3 I can assume that certain cores features and game support is its the best way to handle such large changes.....2 r11 for a point release would be bad idea think

this game might be a worth an  add for coinops 3 it looks pretty good
rabbit (japan) 1997 electronic arts/aorn
set name rabbit
driver source rabbit.c
added 0.77u2 playable 0.84u5

yeh i know people wont be in the mood for game add requests
but out of the ashes new life springs forth
lets all start afresh get back to what its all about
a simple love of playin games

Hear hear !!
It's only a game  :)But a great one at that ! Hopefully It can become even more ! Sorry to put my five pence in but as a newbie I wud be gutted to see it go to the dogs !!!  :)

im gone from here unless its sorted....and that means unless it sorted its best the sections nuked  ace ill be in the priate room I told you...  can you upload CoinOPS 2 lite and ill mod it into CoinOPS 3 lite please

for help you can goto   ....they have been rewriting mame for years and will have something great for you guys....much better than the alterative...they have great advice...mega skills....they are nice guys and wont lie to you....they will show you the way

best of luck :) im continuing on as we speak.....knowing that all I fortold has happened :) im sorry for the normal users and always have the end all I did was try....all this was about was sticking up for you guys against people that I beleive have no skills apart from flaming taking over all sites....but alot of time on peoples hands by a few that dont like others with vision and skill getting in there way means problems........I have every faith that you will enjoy painful to use buggy and ugly products....somthing the whole family wont ill leave you to of luck till we meet again

ok lets get C3 compiled and done...

Im off to bed now, ill try and get on msn tomorrow....

BP do I need it on my PC or will a netbook do?

Smuppy are you in ? You put LOADS into this projecy so far and it would be a shame to walk away now...

Wired-child what do you remeber from your thread? are you in?


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