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Author Topic: FB Alpha Release  (Read 8733 times)


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FB Alpha Release
« on: 08 October 2011, 18:04 »


FB Alpha Page

Another FB Alpha release! This version has the promised feature-cull, see the what's new for details.

This version also comes with an x64 binary. It is considered experimental at the moment, and the Direct3D 7 blitter isn't included, but it does seem to work quite well.

    Redesigned the game selection dialog [Barry]
    Added a dialog to view roms and/or samples required by a driver to the game selection dialog [Barry]
    Removed the incomplete Neo-Geo multi-slot implementation [Barry]
    Removed the "save decrypted C roms" functionality [Barry]
    Removed the jukebox functionality and resources [Barry]
    Removed support for datfiles other than the latest ClrMAME format [Barry]
    Removed the package importer and resources [Barry]
    Removed the menu themes and resources [Barry]
    Removed skins and resources [Barry]
    Removed the gamelist translation module and resources [Barry]
    Removed icons support and resources [Barry]
    Removed the favourites functionality and resources [Barry]
    Removed the context menu from the game selection dialog [Barry]
    Removed IPS Patch functionality and resources [Barry]
    Removed the game information dialog and resources [Barry]
    Removed unneeded support file paths and resources [Barry]
    Removed IPS Patch functionality and resources [Barry]
    Restructured source code and removed any unneeded modules [Barry]
    Removed PNGlib and updated preview loading code to use libPNG [Barry, heavily based on some old code from Jan_Klaassen]
    Updated preview loading code to allow interpolation on resizing [Barry, heavily based on some old code from Jan_Klaassen]
    Fixed the localisation template support [Barry]
    Tidied up the resource files [Barry]
    Added flag to the makefile allowing X86 assembly code to not be built, and added support in the code to not build X86 assembly when defined [Barry]
    Fixed sound rendering in the YM2151 module when not using the MMX routines [Barry]
    Tidied up the source code to compile with Microsoft tools when building in an X64 environment [Barry]
    Added an option in the makefile to build an X64 binary, and updated the VC makefile and source code to support it [Barry]
    Added ability to change the volume of the YM2203 module and used it to bring down the volume in the 1943 driver [Barry]
    Fixed FM Interpolation rendering routine in the YM2203 module [Barry]
    Added support for the YM2610 module to mix the sounds into one stream (mono) and updated the Bonze Adventure, Darius 2, Operation Thunderbolt, Taito-B, Taito-Z and Welltris drivers to use it [Barry]
    Added Super Chase to release builds as it works fine except for sound [Barry]
    Fixed missing sounds in the 1943 driver [Barry]
    Disabled the corrupt boot screen in Last Hope in the Neo-Geo driver [Barry, with info from Johnboy]
    Corrected default dip values in the PS2 datafile System 16B version of Bloxeed [Barry]
    Fixed some rom sizes in the Irem M72 driver [Barry]
    Updated the help file based on the above feature cull [Barry]

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