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Author Topic: understanding "Set exists in various rompaths" error...?  (Read 3979 times)


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Ciao people!

I just upgraded mame and performed a "new scan" with all fixes ON. However, I'm getting these few errors at the beginning of scanner.log:

Set exists in various rompaths: L:\g\mame\r\std\pcnfrk5m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk5m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk5m.7z

Set exists in various rompaths: L:\g\mame\r\std\pcnfrk4m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk4m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk4m.7z

Set exists in various rompaths: L:\g\mame\r\std\pcnfrk3m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk3m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk3m.7z

Set exists in various rompaths: L:\g\mame\r\std\pcnfrk2m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk2m; L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk2m.7z

Now, if I understand correctly, this means the 3rd string (the .7z file) is present in both folders (string 1 and 2). However, that's not my case, so I clearly don't understand this error... hence the request for help.

zipfile: L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573\pcnfrk5m.7z

On 1st dir, not present:

L:\g\mame\r>dir/w/s std\pcn*
 Volume in drive L is LLAGOS WDE4T
 Volume Serial Number is 38F4-7659
File Not Found


On 2nd dir, yes it is:

L:\g\mame\r>dir/w/s b\sys573\pcnfrk5m*
 Volume in drive L is LLAGOS WDE4T
 Volume Serial Number is 38F4-7659

 Directory of L:\g\mame\r\b\sys573

[pcnfrk5m]    pcnfrk5m.7z
               1 File(s)            370 bytes

     Total Files Listed:
               1 File(s)            370 bytes
               1 Dir(s)  2,170,515,918,848 bytes free


So, what is the scanner complaining about?

Thanks a lot for your hints,

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