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Author Topic: clrmamepro 4.00 released  (Read 6618 times)


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clrmamepro 4.00 released
« on: 31 August 2011, 17:10 »

Finally...and after 8 years of a 3.x cycle....

clrmamepro 4.0

misc: full unicode build
misc: full support for UTF8 characters in file/folder names, files within
      archives (7z/rar/zip) and datfiles (XML and old format)

      The default encoding of xml datfiles is UTF8. The default storing method
      in archives is UTF8 (for zip, with no extra field usage). Current versions
      of Winrar, Winzip, 7z (just to name a few) support UF8 stored names. There
      might be other 3rd party tools (which some people use to rezip/share :))
      which might fail (they only work with local page encoding). Tough luck...

      All textfiles in the clrmamepro environment are now saved as UTF8. You
      can use your old setup, since it loads them in ASCII and saves them as
      UTF8. XML files are stored without a BOM (byte ordered mark), non-xml
      files with a BOM. You should not use newly written files with old
      versions of clrmamepro. I recommend a good texteditor to work with UF8
      datfiles, e.g. notepad++, available here http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

misc: completely switched to latest ziparchive library for all zip related
      operations. This includes reading, in-place renaming and no-recompress
      copy. This results in a faster rebuilder (no recompress) and faster
      rename operations (scanner). Actual scanning speed is roughly the same.
added: devices support, devices and device_ref elements are parsed, exported,
       an own system default path for devices can be added, select sets
       supports filtering by devices and device_refs

removed: included doucmentation, switching to online pdf docs soon
removed: Settings->Compressor->Zip, obsolete due to ziparchive usage
removed: Settings->Compressor->Oem/Ansi conversion, obsolete due to UTF8 switch
removed: Scanner->Advanced->
         detect sets in wrong sysdefpaths
         move sets to correct sysdefpath
         chd use sysdefault assignments
         use sysdefault paths for fix missing
         Such options are automatically enabled internally now if sysdefpaths
         are setup. The first two ones require an unneeded check+fix though.

misc:  aligned "allow not separated bios sets" & "split bios sets"
misc:  directly jump to profiler or settings instead of prompting
fixed: xml parser doesn't handle multiple comments on the same line correctly
fixed: dat resource tag export for non-xml datfiles is broken

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