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Author Topic: will clarmame work with TOSEC dat packs?  (Read 3599 times)


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will clarmame work with TOSEC dat packs?
« on: 14 June 2021, 03:21 »

AM VERY new to Amiga simulation and dat packs so please be patient. First problem is I cant create a profile to start CLRmamepro. It has run for 22 minutes. When I started it it says data base needs updating and then immediately "the program is already running" and when I close that it states "found an incomplete datfile or a bad exe-output" . I followed the steps in a video to start a profile but it is definitely not working. Any help? Nest question is will clr mame work with Tosec datfiles?. The link to the Tutorials on the CLRMAME site is dead so no help there. I guess my most basic question is will CLRmame convert these dat files into something I can use in one of the amiga emulators such as Amiga Forever, etc?Will be trying to run these on a Wondows 10 64 bit system.

thx in advance.


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Re: will clarmame work with TOSEC dat packs?
« Reply #1 on: 14 June 2021, 05:55 »

Creating a profile takes a second if you got a datfile. If you directly import data from e.g. a MAME binary it takes maybe half a minute since MAME's output generation (a redirected -listxml call) writes pretty much data on your disk first. 22 Minutes sounds very wrong. Don't know what you did or what your video tolds you but the correct way would be:

- drop a datfile into the profiler (or use the add datfile button), after reading it (probably a second) it will appear in the profiler tree, double click it to load it.
- if you want to take the data from a mame binary, select "create", choose your mame binary, set a name. After leaving the dialog it will appear in the profiler. Double click to load it...then it will import the data from the MAME binary.

The link to the english tutorial is dead since the easyemu page was redesigned and the clrmamepro pages weren't put up back yet. I try to reach the author.

Amiga Emulation, I personally use WinUAE and it runs fine on a Win10 64 bit system.

Regarding tosec dats, sure they will work. The problem there is only if you want to clone their datfile folder structure. In the past it was pretty easy with cmpro's batcher to regenerate the strucuture but I think they changed their naming/structure, so it might be a bit more hand work to create the same dat structures. If you only want to load a datfile from there pack, no problem.
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