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Author Topic: Suggestions for ClrMAME  (Read 2326 times)


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Suggestions for ClrMAME
« on: 11 July 2011, 02:51 »

To whoever is building it...

A minor tweak like, when I don't have a profile loaded, instead of telling me to go there and load it, it could just ask me: "Profile not loaded, want to load one now?". Would speed up things a bit. ;D

And, one thing, that you should really implement: Better ZIP compression! Just level 9 compression is not enough, it could be better. I did my own little testing with 7-Zip's max Zip Deflate compression (Ultra, Deflate, 32KB, 258) - I get from 2% up to 6% smaller size. You might say, that it's nothing, but if you have 14GB of ROMs, or even more, then you could save up to 840MB or more HD space. It's not even that brutal compression, MAME still can read those Zips.


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Re: Suggestions for ClrMAME
« Reply #1 on: 11 July 2011, 11:47 »

1) well, yes..that can be made

2) ziparchive class is used for internal zipping. 9 as highest is the best you can set there...actually, I guess the selector can be removed since in our days, noone can really complain about compression taking too long when set to a higher value. If you want additional better compression, you can use zipmax to reduce sizes outside of cmpro.
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