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Author Topic: Appropriate standardized "shortnames" for external link descriptions  (Read 4040 times)


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Given information from their webmasters and websites, it is preferable that:
- http://www.system16.com be referenced as "System 16" (without quotes), not "System16".
- http://www.arcade-history.com be referenced as "Arcade-History" (without quotes), not "Arcade History".
- http://unmamed.mameworld.info be referenced as "unMAMEd" (without quotes), not "Unmamed" or "UnMAMEd" and so on. (fixed all references)
- http://flyers.arcade-museum.com be referenced as "TAFA" (without quotes). (fixed all references and links)
- http://www.atarigames.com be referenced as "AtariGames.com" (without quotes), preferred to "Safestuff" or "Scott Evans" probably. (fixed all references)
- http://www.progettoemma.net be referenced as "Progetto EMMA", not "ProgettoEMMA" or "ProgettoEmma" or "Progetto Emma" (fixed all references)
- http://arcadeheroes.com be referenced as "Arcade Heroes", not "ArcadeHeroes". (fixed all references)
- http://www.ipdb.org is the Internet Pinball Machine Database but should be referenced as "IPDB", not "IPMD". (fixed all references).

Note of contention:
- http://www.arcade-museum.com can be referenced as either "KLOV" or "IAM" (without quotes). "IAM" stands for "International Arcade Museum" and refers to the entire site and physical collection of not just videogames but pinball, electromechanical and other games, jukeboxes and coin-operated machines referenced there. However, past precedent still favors the use of "KLOV" for our intended purposes. "Arcade-Museum.com" is probably not an acceptable short description.

Any more?
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