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Author Topic: Found Some Undumped Meadows Games Here  (Read 4860 times)


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Found Some Undumped Meadows Games Here
« on: 30 April 2012, 03:17 »

I've been searching around for info on old Meadows games and I turned up this website:


It has dumps and info for three of the Meadows games on the undumped list, Ckidzo, Cobra Gunship, and Drop Zone 4.  I found it while searching for prom images of Meadows 4 in 1, which isn't on your list, but I couldn't find anywhere else.  It also has other Meadows games images which aren't anywhere else: Bombs Away, and Warp Speed.  Plus there's a bunch of other games which I haven't checked against your undumped list. 

I don't expect these games to be emulated anytime soon since they don't have microprocessors, just discrete logic chips.  However, you might want to download/mirror copies just in case.


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Re: Found Some Undumped Meadows Games Here
« Reply #1 on: 09 May 2012, 12:41 »

In the Ckidzo and Cobra Gunship's pages there's already a note explaining that roms are dumped, but unverified.
In the case of Drop Zone 4, Siftware lists it with a (?), meaning he isn't sure it's really that game's PCB.
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