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Author Topic: Historically once existed Undumped MSX Rom (maybe mame should do)  (Read 6430 times)


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this is 7. 1. 1985 one korean newspaper advertisement.

The company Ko Bong (full company name is Ko Bong Sil Up) advertising their new Personal computers using for arcade.

You may not able to understand korean so lets see cores. one logo is typed DAEWOO and in the letter IQ 1000 exist. Yes, Their MSX PC is DAEWOO IQ 1000. The reason of I rember the company is I saw the cabinet had a Big letter of "Ko Bong Sil Up".  As the advertise says they use Korea Standard 15mm plywood arcade cabinet , surely it was used for arcade. And their lawful MSX PC is costs $200+.

------------------------Now this is my brain (but true)-------------------------------
The MSX have coin-op and it remembers how many coin inserted in (maybe MSX bios level). Almost this cabinets have 2-3 cartridges. The boot up MSX screen it has "동전:0" or "coin:0" after a short time the game shows demo of each game shortly. (It is alike MVS multi cartriges.)

Now let's insert a coin, the MSX go back to bios logo and shows "동전:1" or "coin:1" and goto... MSX BASIC. (I used paintbrush to my imagination.)
We(koreans) could use MSX BASIC in the arcade.... but time was so old no one knows about that and it was very hard 8 years old kid to type "call game". Later version changed typing "call game" to just "F1"

After typing "call game" a new screen shows to choose a game. If coin inserted more than one, it shows additional option of "BASIC" so can return to MSXBASIC... and should type "call game" again.

A MSX clone bios IQ-1000 DPC-100(?)(korea) Ko Bong Bios is not dumped.
I was about to inform you undumped list before KMRB korea arcade. I have whole lists of them but I should remove foreign games and this annoying MSX games. And, it was the history about korea black market of arcade.

until 1983, all korea arcade was illegal, count similar as prostitution. But in 1983, arcade can be legal buying government approved educational PC with tax.


In the result my "before KMRB lists" have too many MSX games. But this side story is should known because my next post explain Korea "Minister of Health and Social Affairs" it is alike "Department of Health and Human Services" in US.

Anyway the company "Ko Bong Sil Up" suspiciously bankrupted. Later the chairman found a new company. The company is notorious "COMAD".

-------  Additional info ------

I found a picture of broken SunA msx board. (see the right side.)
The owner seems to regret about he broke the roms. This is another version.
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I added the entry to the WIKI. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with real life issues and motivation isn't super high at the moment. Will try to pick up the slack from now on.
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