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Author Topic: MAME 0.138u2  (Read 3717 times)


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MAME 0.138u2
« on: 17 June 2010, 16:42 »

0.138u2 whatsnew :

IMPORTANT NOTE: The way devices are handled internally in MAME has changed
significantly. There are likely to be short-term compatibility and
performance effects. Please report any errors or *significant* performance
decreases (>20%) to mametesters.org. Full documentation on the new
device handling is in progress at

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03878: [Crash/Freeze] mimonscr: Hangs at Post (Tafoid)
- 02362: [Speed] block: Ball speed is erratic. (hap)
- 03579: [Crash/Freeze] rbibb, rbibba, vsskykid: Severe graphic
         corruption/Access Voilation (Fabio Priuli)
- 01839: [Color/Palette] battlex: Incorrect colors and/or palette (Tafoid)
- 03747: [Graphics] ckong: One pixel gap is missing between Kong and
         level (hap)
- 03866: [Graphics] prehisle, prehisleu, gensitou: Lack of graphics
         (David Haywood)

Source Changes
A small update for the YM2610 core, which resets the PCM and Delta-T
memory regions when the chip is reset.  This is needed for MESS, where
being able to change the size and existence of the sample regions on
the Neo Geo AES is necessary for the sound to work right, especially
for games that don't have a specific Delta-T region.  [Barry Rodewald]

Increased number of coinslots to 12, and tilt inputs to 4, required by
in-progress gambling driver [David Haywood]

Fixed various hangs and NVRAM init in the Model 2 driver
[Angelo Salese]

Add partial decrypt function for vortex (0x0000-0x1FFF is decrypted
properly, 0x4000-0x5FFF is probably not), still much work to be done
especially regarding memory maps (which are affected by the epoxy
block address inverts as well). [Lord Nightmare, The Dumping Union]

Fixed a warning in Visual Studio 2010 that was introduced by a
previous commit.  [Oliver Stoneberg]

Added some missing static qualifiers to MAME.  Also, renamed some
generically named exports from segaic16.c.  [Atari Ace]

batsugun: fixed layer-layer priorities; sprite-sprite priorities are
wrong [robiza]

dogyuun: fixed layer-layer priorities; sprite priorities are wrong

hal21: cabinet DIPSW was reversed btlfield: DIAL was used instead of
rotary joystick [/SftiKDL0]

namconb1.c: Replaced sound data rom for the Point Blank sets that was
incorrectly dumped.  The new dump has been verified on 3 different
PCBs. [Guru, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

kongambl.c updates: [R. Belmont]
 * Mapped ROMs correctly to processors
 * Started mapping out Konami customs
 * EEPROM hooked up

lordgun.c update [Luca Elia]
 * Implemented RAM based priorities
 * Added multi-sprite, fixed sprite list end
 * Corrected tilemap 2 size (wrong backgrounds in the final stage)
 * Fixed crosshair position

chdman/cdrom updates: [R. Belmont]
 * CDRWIN .bin/.cue images now supported for both input and output
 * Pregap and postgap information is now preserved in the format
 * Output of CDRDAO images is significantly improved
Existing CHD-CDs will continue to work fine and for data-only discs no
action needs to be taken.  For mixed data/audio discs (e.g. analog
573/Bemani games) they should be re-converted for better preservation.

kongambl: Support unpaged 056832 VRAM access [R. Belmont]

Hooked up ad sticks to Rail Chase 2 [Angelo Salese]

Documented Drive I/O BD commands in Rail Chase 2 [Angelo Salese]

Added a new cycle exact VMS interface to TMS5110 emulating M0, M1 and
ADD1 to ADD8 lines. Added TMS6100 memory controller device. Also added
TMSPROM device emulating bagman and ad2083 prom controlled speech
logic. Switched bagman, ad2083 (scramble.c) and radarscp1 to use the
new interface and devices. [Couriersud]

buggychl: Improved sky, the in-game foreground statusbar and
speedometer don't clip it anymore, and it's a gradient of
azure->turquoise now instead of azure->black. [hap]

Moved tms6100 code into emu/machine/tms6100.[ch]. Added pinouts for
TMS6100 and M58819. [Couriersud]

Added palette DAC handling, reel layers and removed NMI patch in Lucky
Girl (Z180 HW) [David Haywood]

Added clock information and timing from schematics to bagman.c
Improved interrupt timing and handling to follow schematics.

SDL: remove problematic live render type toggle and default OS X to
OpenGL [R. Belmont]

Hooked up basic Drive i/o board CPU in Sega Rally [Guru, Angelo

Adjusted default volumes to normalize audio and better present the
original output for bagman.c  [Tafoid]

Fixed dips in Dragon World [Luca Elia]

Fixed NVRAM handling in Diamond Derby [Angelo Salese]

Convert 7474 handlers to (READ|WRITE)_LINE_DEVICE_HANDLERS.

Added macros for inline device handler initialization to devcb.h.

Changed 7474 to only use devcb callbacks and handlers. Updated game
drivers. [Couriersud]

X2212 now uses device template. Also changed all handlers to use devcb
prototypes. Default nvram contents should be in region named same like
device tag. Hooked up X2212 in starwars. [Couriersud]

Basic M6502 hook-up in Royal Gum [David Haywood]

Moved Miracle Derby inside homedata.c driver [David Haywood]

Removed r5h01_config. Memory region now has to have same tag as r5h01
device. Update playch10 driver. [Couriersud]

Addd documentation about tms5110 prom interface used by bagman and
ad2083. [Couriersud]

SDLMAME now compiles against SDL 1.3 up to HG rev 4464. Everything
beyond that revision is completely broken since Sam ripped out
multi-keyboard and multi-mice support. Further information in
README_SDL13.txt [Couriersud]

Splitted the ST-V protection handlings by per-game [Angelo Salese]

Added proper RTC support to the ST-V driver [Angelo Salese]

pcat_nit.c update [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
 * added VGA emulation from MESS
 * added INS8250 emulation from MESS
 * added format decimal support to Microtouch
 * added rom banking and inputs to pcat_nit games
 * streetg(2) now boot properly

Moved some common PC code to machine/pcshare.c [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

vsnes.c: Reworked VROM banking  to avoid pointing beyond the last
bank. Also, changed the use of memory_set_bankptr into
memory_set_bank. [Fabio Priuli]

Add Bonus Life dipswitches to Moon War (prototype on frenzy hardware)
[Lord Nightmare, stephh]

Improvements to Lucky Girl (newer Z80 based hardware):
[Roberto Fresca]
 * Improved the input system, added missing buttons.
 * Figured out the full coinage DIP switches. (Coins A, B, C, Key In)
 * Found and documented the output ports.
 * Added full lamps support.
 * Created a new button-lamps layout.
 * Hooked the coin and key in counters.
 * Added technical notes.
 * Figured out the following DIP switches:
   * Auto Hold (No / Yes)
   * Game Type (Hold Game / Discard Game).
   * Adult Content (No / Yes).
   * Minimal Winning Hand (Jacks or Better / 2 Pairs).
   * Minimum Bet (1 / 5).
   * Double-Up (Normal / Poker / Bingo / No D-Up).

Massive Space Invaders related comment update, documenting various
sets, and the various Taito PCBs used by Space Invaders/Tabletop
SI/Tabletop SI Color/Tabletop SI II/etc.
[Andrew Welburn, Lord Nightmare]

Hooked up color prom in Kick Boy [Angelo Salese]

Defined two new casting helpers: [Aaron Giles]

  downcast<type>(value) should be used for safe and efficient
  downcasting from a base class to a derived class. It wraps
  static_cast<> by adding an assert that a matching dynamic_cast<>
  returns the same result in debug builds.

  crosscast<type>(value) should be used for safe casting from one type
  to another in multiple inheritance scenarios. It compiles to a
  dynamic_cast<> plus an assert on the result. Since it does not
  optimize down to static_cast<>, you should prefer downcast<> over
  crosscast<> when you can.

Redefined running_device to be a proper C++ class (now called
device_t). Same for device_config (still called device_config). All
devices and device_configs must now be derived from these base
classes. This means each device type now has a pair of its own unique
classes that describe the device. Drivers are encouraged to use the
specific device types instead of the generic running_device or
device_t classes. Drivers that have a state class defined in their
header file are encouraged to use initializers off the constructor to
locate devices. [Aaron Giles]

Removed the following fields from the device and device configuration
classes as they never were necessary or provided any use: device
class, device family, source file, version, credits. [Aaron Giles]

Added templatized variant of machine->device() which performs a
downcast as part of the device fetch. Thus
machine->device<timer_device>("timer") will locate a device named
"timer", downcast it to a timer_device, and assert if the downcast
fails. [Aaron Giles]

Removed most publically accessible members of running_device/device_t
in favor of inline accessor functions. The only remaining public
member is machine. Thus all references to device->type are now
device->type(), etc. [Aaron Giles]

Created a number of device interface classes which are designed to be
mix- ins for the device classes, providing specific extended
functionality and information. There are standard interface classes
for sound, execution, state, nvram, memory, and disassembly. Devices
can opt into 0 or more of these classes. [Aaron Giles]

Converted the classic CPU device to a standard device that uses the
execution, state, memory, and disassembly interfaces. Used this new
class (cpu_device) to implement the existing CPU device interface. In
the future it will be possible to convert each CPU core to its own
device type, but for now they are still all CPU devices with a
cpu_type() that specifies exactly which kind of CPU. [Aaron Giles]

Created a new header devlegcy.h which wraps the old device interface
using some special template classes. To use these with an existing
device, simply remove from the device header the DEVICE_GET_INFO()
declaration and the #define mapping the ALL_CAPS name to the
DEVICE_GET_INFO. In their place #include "devlegcy.h" and use the
DECLARE_LEGACY_DEVICE() macro. In addition, there is a
DECLARE_LEGACY_SOUND_DEVICE() macro for wrapping existing sound
devices into new-style devices, and a DECLARE_LEGACY_NVRAM_DEVICE()
for wrapping NVRAM devices. Also moved the token and inline_config
members to the legacy device class, as these are not used in modern
devices. [Aaron Giles]

Converted the standard base devices (VIDEO_SCREEN, SPEAKER, and TIMER)
from legacy devices to the new C++ style. Also renamed VIDEO_SCREEN to
simply SCREEN. The various global functions that were previously used
to access information or modify the state of these devices are now
replaced by methods on the device classes. Specifically:

  video_screen_configure()             == screen->configure()
  video_screen_set_visarea()           == screen->set_visible_area()
  video_screen_update_partial()        == screen->update_partial()
  video_screen_update_now()            == screen->update_now()
  video_screen_get_vpos()              == screen->vpos()
  video_screen_get_hpos()              == screen->hpos()
  video_screen_get_vblank()            == screen->vblank()
  video_screen_get_hblank()            == screen->hblank()
  video_screen_get_width()             == screen->width()
  video_screen_get_height()            == screen->height()
  video_screen_get_visible_area()      == screen->visible_area()
  video_screen_get_time_until_pos()    == screen->time_until_pos()
  video_screen_get_time_until_vblank_start() ==
  video_screen_get_time_until_vblank_end() ==
  video_screen_get_time_until_update() ==
  video_screen_get_scan_period()       == screen->scan_period()
  video_screen_get_frame_period()      == screen->frame_period()
  video_screen_get_frame_number()      == screen->frame_number()

  timer_device_adjust_oneshot()        == timer->adjust()
  timer_device_adjust_periodic()       == timer->adjust()
  timer_device_reset()                 == timer->reset()
  timer_device_enable()                == timer->enable()
  timer_device_enabled()               == timer->enabled()
  timer_device_get_param()             == timer->param()
  timer_device_set_param()             == timer->set_param()
  timer_device_get_ptr()               == timer->get_ptr()
  timer_device_set_ptr()               == timer->set_ptr()
  timer_device_timeelapsed()           == timer->time_elapsed()
  timer_device_timeleft()              == timer->time_left()
  timer_device_starttime()             == timer->start_time()
  timer_device_firetime()              == timer->fire_time()

Updated all drivers that use the above functions to fetch the specific
device type (timer_device or screen_device) and call the appropriate
method. [Aaron Giles]

Changed machine->primary_screen and the 'screen' parameter to
VIDEO_UPDATE to specifically pass in a screen_device object.
[Aaron Giles]

Defined a new custom interface for the Z80 daisy chain. This interface
behaves like the standard interfaces, and can be added to any device
that implements the Z80 daisy chain behavior. Converted all existing
Z80 daisy chain devices to new-style devices that inherit this
interface. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the way CPU state tables are built up. Previously, these were
data structures defined by a CPU core which described all the
registers and how to output them. This functionality is now part of
the state interface and is implemented via the device_state_entry
class. Updated all CPU cores which were using the old data structure
to use the new form. The syntax is currently awkward, but will be
cleaner for CPUs that are native new devices. [Aaron Giles]

Converted the okim6295 and eeprom devices to the new model. These were
necessary because they both require multiple interfaces to operate and
it didn't make sense to create legacy device templates for these
single cases. (okim6295 needs the sound interface and the memory
interface, while eeprom requires both the nvram and memory
interfaces). [Aaron Giles]

Changed parameters in a few callback functions from pointers to
references in situations where they are guaranteed to never be NULL.
[Aaron Giles]

Removed MDRV_CPU_FLAGS() which was only used for disabling a CPU.
Changed it to MDRV_DEVICE_DISABLE() instead. Updated drivers.
[Aaron Giles]

Reorganized the token parsing for machine configurations. The core
parsing code knows how to create/replace/remove devices, but all
device token parsing is now handled in the device_config class, which
in turn will make use of any interface classes or device-specific
token handling for custom token processing. [Aaron Giles]

Moved many validity checks out of validity.c and into the device
interface classes. For example, address space validation is now part
of the memory interface class. [Aaron Giles]

Consolidated address space parameters (bus width, endianness, etc.)
into a single address_space_config class. Updated all code that
queried for address space parameters to use the new mechanism.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed palette / priority handling in Lucky Girl (Newer Z180 hardware)
[David Haywood]

Update/Correct Space Invaders Comments, particularly regarding Midway
Boards [Andrew Welburn, Lord Nightmare]

Fixed priorities in Frog & Spiders [Angelo Salese]

Fixed crash regression with spangbl / pangba [Angelo Salese]

Updated galivan.c with DIP LOCATIONS and verified setting via Service
Mode.  Added comments about missing text layer in Ninja Emaki and
flagged those sets with missing protection emulation.  [Tafoid]

Fix audio cpu banking in Raiden 2 (add a missing mirror to banking
register) [trap15, R. Belmont]

Corrected Raiden II audio banking - it's only at 401a [R. Belmont]

Flash: 4k sectors should erase in 1/8th the time of 64k. extend core
to support GBA chip types. [R.Belmont]

Clean up profiling flags in the makefile. Removed GPROF flag, it is
now just PROFILE. When enabled, automatically turn on basic symbols.
Also added new SYMLEVEL option to control the symbols level (defaults
to 2). [Aaron Giles]

Dumped internal ROM for Pinkiri 8 [Charles MacDonald]

Dumped internal ROM for Janshi [Charles MacDonald]

Documentation update [Stefan Lindberg, Dumping Union]
 segas16b.c, taito_f2.c, taito_f3.c & taito_x.c:
  Corrected rom names and or added PCB locations to Ray Force,
  Arabian Magic, Liquid Kids, Twin Hawk. Added additional Sega game
  ID info for an Alien Syndrome set.

model3.c: Correct sound rom loading for the Scud & Scud Plus sets
[Alex's Blog]

devlegacy.c,clifront.c,info.c [Miodrag Milanovic]
 * Created legacy image device
 * Moved opresolv implementation from MESS
 * listmedia is option is available in MAME too
 * listxml output now contains image devices

-romident can now identify chd's [smf]

Emulated protection check in Ron Jan [Angelo Salese]

Added default NVRAM to G-Stream [David Haywood]

Fixed default EEPROM for 1 on 1 Government [David Haywood]

Added default EEPROMs for each Brave Blade region [David Haywood]

Improvements to the Pinkiri 8 video emulation
[David Haywood, Angelo Salese]

emuopts - added support for image devices parameters
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Deviceized the VDP used by Pinkiri 8 HW [David Haywood]

Fixes for OS X PowerPC compile [R. Belmont]

Added color PROM of kickboy and corrected ROM filename
  [Team Japump, The Dumping Union]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Alien Challenge (2 sets) [Luca Elia, XingXing]
Lucky Girl (Z180-based HW)
  [David Haywood, Angelo Salese, Charles MacDonald]
Vortex [Lord Nightmare, David Haywood, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
The Berenstain Bears in Big Paw's Cave [B Zeidler]
Royal Queen [Charles MacDonald, Angelo Salese]
Night Gal [Charles MacDonald, Angelo Salese]
Night Bunny / Royal Night [Charles MacDonald, Angelo Salese]

New clones added
Wai Wai Animal Land Jr.(Japan)[Team Japump, The Dumping Union]
Phantoms II (Space Invaders hardware) [Andrew Welburn]  (enigma2b)
Toki (US, set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli] (tokiua)
Ooedo Fight (Japan) [Team Japump, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Battle Gear [R. Belmont]
Battle Gear 2 [R. Belmont]
Pop n' Music 5 [Guru]
Unknown Meyco Game [Trevor Brown, Antwon Barajas] (unkmeyco)
Puzzle Break [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Ron Jan [Charles MacDonald, Brian A. Troha]

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