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MESS 0.143u8 out!!!




New System Drivers Supported:
- Babbage-2nd [Robbbert]
- Tomy Pyuuta Jr. [Anonymous source, Robbbert]
- CVICNY (Practice-z80) [Robbbert]
- Novag Super Forte A/B/C Chess Computer [Cowering]
- Novag Expert B Chess Computer [Cowering]
- Novag Super Expert C Chess Computer [Cowering]
- Novag Diablo 68000 Chess Computer [Cowering]
- Mephisto Almeria 68000/68020 [Cowering]
- Mephisto Academy Schachcomputer [Cowering]
- Mephisto Mega IV Schachcomputer [Cowering]
- Mephisto Milano Schachcomputer [Cowering]
- Mephisto Lyon 68000/68020 [Cowering]
- Mephisto Monte Carlo IV LE Schachcomputer [Cowering]
- Mephisto Vancouver 68000/68020 [Cowering]
- Mephisto Genius030 [Cowering]
- Mephisto Berlin Pro 68020 [Cowering]
- Mephisto Berlin Pro London Upgrade V5.00 [Cowering]
- Mephisto London 68020 32 Bit [Cowering]
- Mephisto Genius030 London Upgrade V5.00 [Cowering]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:
- CIDCO MailStation [Sandro Ronco]
- Epson PC-486MU [Anonymous source]

System Driver Changes:
- avigo: Added NVRAM and warm start. [Sandro Ronco]
- supracan: added INT3 [ElBarto]
- hx20: New rom dumps provided [Pontus "Frigolit" Rodling,F.J. Kraan]
- qx10: Added proper rom dumps [F.J. Kraan]
- alice90: proper rom dump [Daniel Coulom]
- geneve: Improved emulation of wait states; timing is now accurate (with only few exceptions) [Michael Zapf]

Software Lists:
- snes.xml: Redumped and profiled arround 150 cartridges. [MESSfan]
- snes.xml: Added a proper dump of SNES tester service [Lord Nightmare]
- supracan.xml: Added 2 new dumps [CaH4e3]
- nes.xml: added Micro Machine (Euro) dump, courtesy of ElBarto [Fabio Priuli]
- nes.xml: added new chinese dumps from TSZoneFC, and info from PCG boards  [Fabio Priuli]
- a2600.xml: Additional dumps added [Kaylee]

Source Changes:



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