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Author Topic: MAME 0.137u1  (Read 14387 times)


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MAME 0.137u1
« on: 25 March 2010, 20:04 »

0.137u1 whatsnew:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03793: [Compiling] Build for G4 (altivec) is broken.
- 03792: [Compiling] Support for kFreeBSD
- 03371: [Sound] yiear, yiear2: Music pitch is lower than PCB (Tafoid)
- 03550: [DIP/Input] moonwar: Missing "Hyper Flip" Button
         (Lord Nightmare)
- 00304: [Graphics] All sets in toaplan1.c: In cocktail mode player 2
         screen is not correct or flip screen on the players screen is
         not correct. (Quench)
- 03775: [Interface] primglex: Missing buttons (R. Belmont)
- 03762: [DIP/Input] tekken and clones: Kick button does not work
         (R. Belmont)

Source Changes
Added default nvrams to the ST-V driver [David Haywood]

Improve text layer in LE2: [David Haywood]
 * set display enable to be ON by default.  LE2 doesn't turn it on
    until after the test screens, which would seem to indicate that
    the register should default to on, otherwise they're always
 * added a kludge to use the right palette for the text layer in LE2,
    I haven't checked, but I wonder if this could also be related to
    internal defaults for the mixer chip which the game doesn't
This allows you to see the ram/rom tests anyway, which is better than
an invisible startup.

680x0 FPU updates [R. Belmont]
 * Rewritten to use SoftFloat instead of unportable native FP math
 * Support added for Motorola 96-bit extended floats
 * More addressing modes and conditions supported

Updates to toaplan1.c driver: [Quench]
 * Fixed flipscreen support for all toaplan1 games
 * Added minimal Z180 place holder for SameSame/Fireshrk/Vimana

500gp title screen says 1998, change driver to match [Guru]

namcos23: Hook the 3D commands DMA [O. Galibert]

Updates to Twincobr/Wardner drivers: [Quench]
 * Added 6845 CRTC interface
 * Restored correct DSP roms loads and proms for 'fsharkbt'
 * Added 6845 CRTC interface
 * Corrected some clock speeds

namcos23 housekeeping: move months to mamedriv, fix 500 GP name [Guru]

taitojc: fix landgear crash, game now enters attract mode [R. Belmont]

65816: fix decimal mode ADC/SBC behavior [blargg, byuu, R. Belmont]

Improvements to Funworld driver. [Roberto Fresca]
 * Removed all hacks in the rom load section. Now the involved sets
    are properly loaded in the same way the hardware does.
 * Replaced hardcoded values on graphics decode routines with proper
    RGN_FRAC calculations.
 * Fixed graphics bitplanes to involved games.
 * Added more hardware/technical info.
 * Modify the mongolnw machine driver. Now can see it starts.
 * Added Multi Win, from Funworld. The set is encrypted and use a
    custom CPU. Seems similar hardware than (multi) Joker Card.
 * Added Fun World Quiz. Needs proper banking, and both graphics and
    bipolar PROM redumps.

680x0 FPU update: [R. Belmont]
 * Implemented FMOVECR
 * Added load extended PC relative indexed support
 * Cleanup some duplicated code

Added Fun World Quiz description, and hardware notes. [Roberto Fresca]

More improvements to Funworld driver. [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood]
 * Improved inputs for Fun World Quiz.
 * Proper handlers and banking for Fun World Quiz questions.
 * Partial decryption for royalcdc and multiwin.
 * Complete Fun World Quiz DIP switches with dip locations.
 * Promoted Fun World Quiz to working state.
 * Added Fun World Quiz bookkeeping instructions notes.

Added default NVRAM for Namco FL games and some Namco System 2 games
[David Haywood]

Implemented player 2 input buffer protection in Winning Spike
[Angelo Salese]

Implemented irq ack in the Pastel Gal driver and implemented gfx rom
readback in Three Dealers Casino House [Angelo Salese]

More improvements to Funworld driver. [Roberto Fresca]
 * Reworked button-lamps layouts per game. Cleaned-up the code.
 * Added specific button-lamps layout for bigdeal games.
 * Added specific button-lamps layout for royalcrd & jolycdit, but
    there is a bug in the d-up select code that lights the wrong lamp.
    This is a leftover from jollycrd routines.
 * Flagged vegasfte as GAME_NOT_WORKING, since is not receiving any
    coins or remote credits anymore.

hng64 : Lighting calculations are now more accurate. [Andrew Gardner]

Added driver data class and save states to: paradise.c, pasha2.c and
pbaction.c. [Fabio Priuli]

Enabled saves states in pass.c (everything was already saved)
[Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: reworked OAM drawing routines, implemented correct range over
and time over flags (sprite limits), implemented FirstSprite priority
[Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: moving more variables to driver data class and
refactoring/cleaning up some code [Fabio Priuli]

NamcoS21 cleanups [David Haywood]
 * Added default NVRAM to Cybersled
 * Limited the range of the analog inputs in Cybersled (the game
    glitches, causing you to move backwards if they hit the minimum /
 * Setup default key mapping in Cybersled to be similar to other dual
    joystick 'tank' style games, eg. Assault, rather than the default
    keyboard mapping where the sticks appear to be swapped.
 * Reworked the input ports a bit so that they include a common base
    rather than duplicating common inupts
 * Renamed aircombu to aircomb, and made it the parent instead of the
    Japanese set.

Cave cleanups [David Haywood]
 * Removed fake Region dipswitch that modified the region byte in the
    EEPROM each reset for Sailor Moon, Air Gallet and Mazinger Z
 * Split out different regions into clones with different default
    EEPROMs instead, and ensured all EEPROMs are factory default for
    that region. (this is a cleaner solution and more accurately
    represents the PCBs)

dynax.c, ddenlovr.c: Added driver data class [Fabio Priuli]

tlcs90.c: added save states [Fabio Priuli]

ddenlovr.c, dynax.c: replaced memory_set_bankptr with memory_set_bankp
and added save state support [Fabio Priuli]

spc700.c: Added save states [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: Updated the snes sound device to use device handlers, to store
its internals in a struct, and to save them [Fabio Priuli]

i386: fixed unaligned memory accesses and opcode fetches when they
cross a page boundary. Previously, if pages were not ordered in
contiguous RAM, then a cross-boundary read or write would read
partially incorrect data or write some of the data in the wrong page.
[Barry Rodewald]

png2bdc.c: When the usage is printed, the name displayed was "png2bdf"
instead of "png2bdc"; this changes it by retrieving the name of the
executable at runtime, so it will always be correct now.
[Christophe Jaillet]

several cleanups based on cppcheck and VS2008 Code Analysis
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

split.c: made the "split" return the actual result instead of just 0.
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

clifront.c: made the identation of the CPU device in -listdevices the
same like the others [Oliver Stoeneberg]

i386.c: gave some fatalerror() calls in the i386 proper messages
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

ssem.c: fixed compilation of SSEM core with SSEM_DISASM_ON_UNIMPL
[Oliver Stoeneberg]

sdl/window.c: fixed a potential memory leak in
sdlwindow_video_window_create() [Oliver Stoeneberg]

metro.c: added driver data class [Fabio Priuli]

vmetal: added driver data class and save states [Fabio Priuli]

Verified all the clocks from Super Contra PCB as well as the vsync.
[Corrado Tomaselli]

Implemented VRAM color bank select in Uncle Poo [Angelo Salese,

Added default nvram to Cyber Commando, and improved the default
control mapping in it [David Haywood]

Implemented pal bank in Three Dealers Casino House [Angelo Salese]

Updated DIPs based on Stephh's notes and fixed location status.  Added
GAME_NO_COCKTAIL flag until flip screen is implemented. [Tafoid]

Fixed spinner input in moonwarp, added notes about spinner board,
marked game as working. [Lord Nightmare]

Imported the same implementation of moon war proto's spinner to moon
war 2; works much more smoothly now. [Lord Nightmare]

Fix very minor occasional glitches in moonwar/moonwara/moonwarp
spinners caused by IPT_DIAL crossing the 0x00<->0xFF border. Added
conditional Hyperflip button to moonwar, only seems present in upright
mode? (in cocktail mode the same input is used by player 2 for a
different button) [Lord Nightmare]

Implement many of the dipswitches for moonwarp, and re-add the color
test mode to frenzy; Cocktail/upright select is still missing from
moonwarp, though I managed to trigger cocktail mode a few times by
accident. Needs code study to see what it actually depends on. The p2
controls are separate in cocktail mode. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed for good trasparency issues in Three Dealers Casino House
[Angelo Salese]

snes.c: some internal refactoring, some new debug functions and a
small mode7 fix [Fabio Priuli]

Changed default initial state of PIC8259 to STATE_READY
[Miodrag Milanovic]

First step in refactoring the video system in metro.c driver
[David Haywood]

Corrected typo in Yie Ar Kung-Fu verified clock rates and tweaked the
tempo slightly to better match reference recordings.
[Corrado Tomaselli, Tafoid]

Final step in refactoring the video system in metro.c driver, replaced
the video code with custom renderer functions [David Haywood]

Improvements to funworld.c driver. [Roberto Fresca]
 * Added dual-state palette (addressable through PLDs). This allow to
    choose which half of the palette will be addressed.
 * Splitted the main machine driver to cover both palette states.
 * Reworked inputs / DIP switches for vegasslw, vagasfst and vegasfte.
 * Created new default NVRAM for Royal Vegas Joker Card sets. These
    need to be configurated to be valid ones. Now vegasfte can receive
    remote credits, and all three in the family have valid min-max bet
    value and payout.
 * Removed the not working flag from vegasfte.
 * Improved colors for Big Deal sets.
 * Correct colors for Royal Vegas Joker Card sets.

Hooked up default NVRAM in Five A Side Soccer [David Haywood]

MN10200 updates: [R. Belmont]
 * Better IRQ generation and hookup to MAME IRQ system
 * Preliminary 8-bit timer hookup including prescalers and IRQs
 * Fixed issue with debugger not showing registers correctly

metro.c: added save states [David Haywood, Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: updated DSP1, DSP2, DSP3, DSP4, OBC1, SRTC and ST010 addon
chips to store their variables in struct and to save them
[Fabio Priuli]

More improvements to funworld.c driver [Roberto Fresca]
 * Added a second set of Jolly Card Professional. Documented the code
 * Added another Royal Vegas Joker Card set, from Mile. These sets
    aren't intended to work with coins. Only remote credits are
    allowed. There are external modules that can manage up to 4
    machines simultaneously, adding/removing/watching credits.
 * Added default NVRAM to the above sets.
 * Added proper inputs and DIP switches to vegasmil.
 * Replaced the jolyc980 default NVRAM with one totally clean.
    Temporal and total meters are cleared to zero.

Fixed Z80-DMA Load and Continue commands. [Curt Coder]

namcos23: Roms reorganization [O. Galibert]

MC68HC11: Implemented SUBD DIR & SUBD EXT opcodes [Angelo Salese]

snes.c progress: [Fabio Priuli]
 * Added proper sprite priorities
 * Added pseudo-hires effect

Added preliminary layer clearance in Puzzlet [Angelo Salese]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mr. Dig [Kevin Eshback, Brian Troha, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
Mouse Shooter GoGo [Stefan Lindberg, Luca Elia, The Dumping Union]
Fun World Quiz (austrian) [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood]
Crusher Makochan
  [tormod, R. Gatto, S. Rietscha, krick, jeremymtc, Smitdogg,
   The Dumping Union]
Video Quiz [f205v, Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Tobikose! Jumpman
  [tormod, R. Howard, K. Svensson, D. Beneke, Smitdogg, Luca Elia,
   The Dumping Union]
Spider-Man vs The Kingpin (Mega-Tech)
  [Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Moon War (prototype on Frenzy hardware)
  [Team Europe, Volker Hann, David Haywood, Lord Nightmare]

New clones added
Raiden DX (US, Fabtek license)
  [tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] (not working)
Berzerk (Germany) [Team Europe, Volker Hann, David Haywood]
Final Lap 3 (World, set 2)
  [Charles MacDonald, hap, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Star Gladiator (JAPAN 960627)
  [tormod, W. Belk, ranger_lennier, R. Howard, R. Mucciarelli,
   Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Virtua Striker 2 '99 (Revision A) [The Dumping Union]
Hot Shocker [The Dumping Union]
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 107) [XingXing]
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 103) [XingXing]
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 102) [XingXing]
Jolly Card Professional 2.0 (MZS Tech) [Roberto Fresca]
Royal Vegas Joker Card (fast deal, Mile) [Roberto Fresca]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Downhill Bikers (DH3 Ver. A) [Guru]
Multi Win (Ver.0167, encrypted) [Roberto Fresca]
Rapid River (RD2 Ver. C) [Guru]
Crisis Zone (CSZO3 Ver. B) [Guru]

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