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Author Topic: MAME 0.137  (Read 9573 times)


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MAME 0.137
« on: 12 March 2010, 10:50 »

The first official MAME release of 2010 is finally available.

Grab it here.

Grab the datfile here.

0.137 whatsnew :

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of this release of MAME, several important things
about the system have changed. Please read the following items before
attempting to compile this new version.

1. A new tool chain for Windows, based off of gcc 4.4.3 prerelease,
is now REQUIRED. Go to http://mamedev.org/tools to get the new tools.
The code included with 0.137 WILL NOT BUILD with the old tools.
The new tool chain has support for building 64-bit MAME builds with
gcc, as well as built-in DirectX headers, and C++ support, which was
missing from the old tools.

2. Non-Unicode builds of Windows MAME are no longer supported. The
options to turn this off in the makefile have been removed, and
future changes are likely to solidify this requirement. If you are
still (God forbid) running on Win9x, you will need the unicows.dll
library to run MAME. Download unicows from Microsoft.

3. All code in MAME is now compiled as C++, plus there have been a few
small changes that take advantage of the C++ language. For the most
part, there is no effect on how drivers are written, except for some
nicer accessors to devices and address spaces. Future improvements to
take advantage of the C++ syntax will evolve slowly, and will be done
internally. We are not interested in outside attempts to do this work
for now.

4. The SDL OSD for MAME is now shipped as part of the main source
package. SDL builds for Windows are now regularly built as part of the
validation sequence for a new release. Thanks to R. Belmont,
couriersud, and Olivier Galibert for their work on the SDL port over
the years.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03533: [Debugger] All 68020 cpu based drivers: 68020 disassembler
         bug: a 32-bit address displacement's upper 16-bit is
         desappear (R. Belmont)

Source Changes
snes.c: simplified drawing routines, added support for
offset-per-tile, cleaned up the code [Fabio Priuli]

H8/3334: add analog input ports [R. Belmont]

snes.c: fixed remaining issues in hires modes [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: fixed serial joystick reads [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: slightly simplified palette handling [Fabio Priuli]

Re-dumped oceanhun CROMs 5-16 as 64Mb [ANY]

namcos23: Cleanups [O. Galibert]

namcos23: Add dips [O. Galibert]

snes.c: Added very preliminary driver_data class for snes based
drivers (it only contains input-related items for the moment, because
these are needed to add support for additional controller types in
MESS) [Fabio Priuli]

snes.c: Fixed Offset-per-tile graphics [jbo_85]

snes.c: Fixed scrolling problems [Fabio Priuli]

namcos23: More cleanups [O. Galibert]

Implemented default EEPROMs to the following drivers [David Haywood]
 * deco_mlc.c
 * esd16.c
 * gijoe.c
 * konamigx.c
 * moo.c
 * mystwarr.c
 * rabbit.c
 * rungun.c
 * tmnt.c
 * vendetta.c
 * xexex.c

Added support for the 'simple' rowscroll mode used by sams64_2
[David Haywood]

Fixed Z80 DMA ready signal handling. [Curt Coder]

namcos23 update: [R. Belmont, Guru]
 * Updated Guru Readme
 * More IRQ tests pass
 * Gunmen Wars I/O board runs and syncs
 * SH-2 shared RAM added for Gunmen Wars

Implemented default EEPROMs to Bubble Memories, Lethal Enforcers and
Puzzle Time [David Haywood]

Implemented default EEPROMs for GTIClub, Hang Pilot, Asterix, X-Men
and Polygonet Commanders [David Haywood]

Fixed the texture ROM loading/order in Wave Shark.  Textures look
better now, and the ROM check passes [David Haywood]

namcos23: pass C422 IRQ test [R. Belmont]

Added ARDY/BRDY signal read handlers to Z80 PIO. [Curt Coder]

Implemented 'key matrix' inputs in King Derby (1986 version)
[Angelo Salese]

namcos23 updates: [R. Belmont]
 * Preliminary SH-2 hookup for GMEN games.  SH-2 boots and copies the
    loader to private RAM then jumps to it.  Transfer protocol for
    main program not yet understood.
 * Final Furlong 2 has a GMEN board and camera; update it to use that

Implemented sound to King Derby (1986 version) [Angelo Salese]

Implemented coins to King Derby (1986 version), game can be considered
as working right now [Angelo Salese]

namcos23 updates: [R. Belmont]
 * Hooked up start/coin/buttons for Gorgon
 * Fixed Panic Park crash
 * Enabled I/O board for timecrs2c so it can coin up
 * Cleanup

SDL: fix Fortify-reported stack smash [Belegdol]

New driver for Five Clown, from IGS. This is a dual 6502 system with
CRT controller, AY8910 and OKI M6295. Main program, graphics and sound
samples are encrypted. [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
 * Hooked both 6502 CPU's.
 * Hooked the M6845 CRT.
 * Decrypted main program and bulk GFX.
 * Decoded GFX and color PROM.
 * Hooked both PIA's 6821.
 * Worked inputs from the scratch.
 * Hooked DIP Switches banks 2 & 4.
 * Hooked proper interrupts for audio CPU.
 * Hooked the AY8910 latches...
 * Hooked the OKI6295.
 * Hooked DIP switches ports $C400 & $CC00.
 * Found the sound samples decryption algorithm.
 * Added NVRAM support.
 * Added a complete PCB layout.
 * Added game notes.
 * Added technical notes.

z80sio: Added register access functions to prevent trampoline
functions [Dirk Best]

Fixed debugger memdump command [Robbbert]

Improvements to the unkch1/4 sets [David Haywood]

Decrypted the color prom in King Derby (1986 version) [Angelo Salese]

Made device->tag and devconfig->tag into private member variables
(m_tag). Added inline tag() function to return a const char * version.
Updated callers to use this instead of directly accessing tag.cstr()
which was awkward. [Aaron Giles]

snes.c: Fixed OAM overflow [jbo_85, Fabio Priuli]

Improvements to funworld.c driver. [Roberto Fresca]
 * Added external default NVRAM support to the following games:
    bottle10, bottl10b, elephfam, elephfmb, jollycrd, jolyc3x3,
    jolyccra, jolyccrb, jolycdev, jolycdib, jolycdit, jolyjokr,
    jolyjokra, jolyjokrb, lluck3x3, lluck4x1, magicrd2, pool10,
    pool10b, pool10c, pool10d, potgame, royalcrd, royalcdb, sjcd2kx3,
    tortufam, vegasfst, vegasfte and vegasslw.
 * Changed default settings for some games, now that NVRAM is loaded

Confirmed and hooked up i/o ports in Magical Tonic / Odds, doesn't
work due of nested NMI [Angelo Salese]

snes.c: refactored joypad inputs to be consistent with other input
devices (used in MESS) [Fabio Priuli]

Implemented NMI enable flag in Lucky 8 Lines and Magical Odds, fixes
logic quirks in the latter [Angelo Salese]

Improvements to Magical Odds graphics [David Haywood]

Written a per-pixel function for the irq system in the ST-V driver,
disabled by default [Angelo Salese]

vimana, vimanan, vimana1 (toaplan1.c driver) [stephh] :
 * Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the M68000
 * Improved MCU emulation to correctly handle coinage based on Dip
    Switches settings and Territory Jumper

Implemented sound NMI enable flag to the Munch Mobile driver
[Angelo Salese]

m680x0: show FPU registers in the debugger for 030+ [R. Belmont]

680x0: Improve disassembly for various FMOVE forms [R. Belmont]

Slightly fixed interrupt handling and added SBIC and MUL opcodes to
the Atmel AVR8 core. [Harmony]

Added FJMP/JMPF opcode to the SunPlus u'nSP core. [Segher, Harmony]

Performed an initial code cleanup pass on the N64 rendering code to
make use of booleans and inline variable instantiation, and removed a
number of unused variables that were exposed as a result of the
latter. [Harmony]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Five Clown (english, set 1) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
Five Clown (english, set 2) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
Five Clown (spanish hack) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
Magical Odds [David Haywood, Angelo Salese]

New clones added
Dinosaur Hunter (Chinese bootleg of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)
  [Anonymous] (not working)
Biaofeng Zhanjing (Chinese bootleg of The Punisher) [Anonymous]
Cherry Master I (E-Z Spin bootleg / hack) [William Ostronic]
Lethal Enforcers II: The Western (ver JAA) [David Haywood]
Fantastic Journey (ver AAA) [David Haywood, Tirino73]
Smash T.V. (rev 3.01) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Joker Master / Poker Master
  [William Ostronic] (incomplete + encrypted)
Gunmen Wars [Guru]

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