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Author Topic: New scanner versus old cmpro  (Read 383 times)


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New scanner versus old cmpro
« on: 24 June 2024, 16:28 »

Trying to collect stuff here which may be helpful when you switch or play around with the new tools:

Differences in Merge Modes:
- split: this should be fully identical to cmpro
- standalone (new) versus not or unmerged (old): The new standalone mode is more accurate in my opinion since it includes all dependency files (parent/bios/devices) into the set. The old mode only takes over the parent ones (and with some tricks the  bios)
- full merged mode: the full merge mode acts like cmpro's full merge mode with "full merge mode -> hash collision name" (this is not the default options) enabled. The naming there is a bit misleading. It simply means that all clone sets inside a packed parent set are stored in subfolders.

Regarding scan results there can be slight differences:
- the tree is finally sorted alphabetically be machine description, cmpro is by setname which leads to some weird output order
- some results might slighly differ since the new scanner is simply different and the categorization of a wrong named machine or a wrong placed machine or an uneeded machine differs a bit. But after fixing, the resulting sets should be the same.

Scanning software lists or using system default paths
There are no system default paths anymore and you don't need to go through rompath setup hell when it comes to software lists collections.
Simply us 1 rompath and use either one of the patterns (e.g. #BIOSSPLIT# which is identical to system default paths) or in case of scanning a -listsoftware collection, you can even keep that blank since it internally uses #SOFTLIST#. You only need to store your software lists in rompath subfolders named after the list though.
For example you use: rompath: c:\mame\softwarelist and inside there are folders like a2600, a2600_cass, c64_flop_misc, amiga_hardware and so on which hold the files for the belonging lists.

Parent/Clone relationships
In cmpro it it optional to use merge tags for roms/disks from the datfile to identify parent/clone relationships of rom files. The new applications fully rely on it (at least for non software lists).

Supported Datfile Formats
Old cmpro supports all kind of datfiles. New apps only support XML based ones which are more or less compatible to -listxml, -listsoftware or MAME's hashfile format. This doesn't mean you are limited to MAME.
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