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Author Topic: MAME 0.135u3  (Read 7277 times)


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MAME 0.135u3
« on: 11 December 2009, 11:22 »

Expect one more update, and then hopfully a 0.136 just before the year is out.

Source update download: [ff] MAMEDev.org

0.135u3 whatsnew :

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03565: [Color/Palette] astrof, astrof2, astrof3: blue background is
         supposed to be black (David Haywood)
- 03557: [Sound] All sets in namcos12.c: Music is slower than
         original (Phil Bennett)
- 03561: [Crash/Freeze] robokid, robokidj, robokidj2: Segmentation
         Fault after OK (Fabio Priuli)
- 03562: [Crash/Freeze] fcombat: Segmentation Fault after OK
         (Fabio Priuli)
- 03560: [Crash/Freeze] missb2, saiyugoub1, saiyugoub2: Driver Data
         Struct Issues (Fabio Priuli)
- 03559: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in viper.c, subsino.c and coolridr.c:
         Segmentation Fault before OK (Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
Kusayakyu improvements [Angelo Salese]
 - fixed color prom hook-up, tilemap color offsets and tilemap
 - fixed sound and tweaked the frequencies in the driver

Tron: Hooked up cocktail (P2) fire button so that it can be used
in-game and in test mode. [Tafoid]

Added driver data struct and save states to: [Fabio Priuli]
 - gberet.c, ddrible.c, gaelco.c, trackfld.c, hyperspt.c, yiear.c
 - hnayayoi.c, hanaawas.c, higemaru.c, himesiki.c and sonson.c
 - galspnbl.c, gcpinbal.c, ginganin.c, go2000.c, goal92.c, goindol.c,
    good.c, gotcha.c, gotya.c, gstream.c, gumbo.c, gundealr.c,
    hitme.c, holeland.c & homerun.c
 - glass.c & homedata.c
 - fromance.c, fromanc2.c, ikki.c, imolagp.c, inufuku.c
 - jack.c
 - jangou.c, jantotsu.c, jollyjgr.c and jongkyo.c
 - kangaroo.c, karnov.c, kchamp.c, kickgoal.c, kingobox.c,
    kncljoe.c, koikoi.c, kopunch.c, ksayakyu.c and kyugo.c
 - ladybug.c, ladyfrog.c, lastduel.c, lwings.c, redclash.c and
 - laserbas.c, laserbat.c, lastfght.c, lazercmd.c and lemmings.c

Added driver data struct to: [Fabio Priuli]
 - galivan.c, jailbrek.c, sbasketb.c
 - alpha68k.c, amspdwy.c, gng.c, gunsmoke.c, hotblock.c
 - aerofgt.c and gyruss.c
 - hyprduel.c
 - pipedrm.c
 - ironhors.c
 - jackal.c
 - lasso.c

Changed CDP1869 PAL/NTSC signal to use devcb. [Curt Coder]

Converted cabal, mappy, toypop and zaxxon to use driver_data
structure [Atari Ace]

Fixed CP1610 disassembler. [Robbbert]

Cool Riders improvements: [Angelo Salese, David Haywood]
 - fixed regression
 - hooked up what it looks like a ROM->to->VRAM transfer...
 - slightly improved booting
 - some hooks to allow FBI logo drawing
 - basic DMA hooked up
 - fixed program ROM memory map loading as per the service mode item
 - allow it to draw RAM-based chars, starts to show correct gfxs
 - fixed paletteram and implemented basic inputs
 - implemented DMA vram transfers
 - added Guru readme
 - hooked up videoram reading in drawing functions
 - some hook-ups for the text blitter

Wink: Fixed colors [Angelo Salese]

Mostly resolved mix of intel and motorola notation in tms32025
disassembler [Lord Nightmare]

Cosmic: fixed cosmica2 romset rom split and names to match romset as
described in mameinfo, which it matches (except for one rom which
mameinfo is probably wrong about). The romset uses a different rom
daughterboard to the other cosmica romsets, and different sized roms.
[Lord Nightmare]

Added shared driver data struct to 40love.c, bking.c, buggychl.c and
msisaac.c (they use the same mcu emulation) [Fabio Priuli]

Added preliminary HNG64 additive tilemap blending [David Haywood]

Fixed srcclean handling of embedded comments within strings
[Atari Ace]

PCB documentation updates: [Kevin Eshbach]
 * Added the board xtal's for Battlantis, Contra and Pandora's Palace
 * Corrected the MCU dump for Pandora's Palace
 * Added indication of an undumped PAL for Contra/Gryzor
 * Added PAL dumps for Cruis'n USA - rev L4.1
 * Added information on the PROM from the 2 Board version of Congo

Noraut Poker driver improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
 * Added new technical notes.
 * Added Kimble Z80 hardware support.
 * Added Prologic-Noraut hardware support.
 * Added proper discrete sound support to Kimble games,
   and Prologic-Noraut Joker Poker.
 * Slightly adjusted the visual area.
   This can be wrong and must be rechecked.
 * Relocated the hardware notes and layouts to ROM_LOAD section,
   so can be seen/maintained in a cleaner way.
 * Fixed the default lamps state.

Cleaned-up several drivers; added missing prototypes and removed dead
ones, marked non-exported functions as static and removed cases of
#include "deprecat.h" [Atari Ace]

Aleck 64: Implemented player 2 inputs [Angelo Salese]

Added a PCB layout for M.Kramer's Black Jack Poker, based on a hi-res
pic. Also added undumped devices as NO_DUMP. [Roberto Fresca]

Added common driver data struct to timeplt.c, tutankhm.c, junofrst.c,
pooyan.c, rallyx.c and rocnrope.c (these drivers all use
audio/timeplt.c). As a side effect, we now have save states in
junofrst.c and rallyx.c. [Fabio Priuli]

Converted atari drivers over to using driver_data for the most
part. Some shared systems still exist with globals, but this
tackles the atarigen module and the variables local to each
driver. [Aaron Giles]

Added validity check that AM_BASE_MEMBER and AM_SIZE_MEMBER items
point within the bounds of the driver_data structure. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed DMADAC wrapping behavior. [Tim Schuerewegen]

Added Driver Configuration to astrof.c to emulate common wire hack
which causes black background [David Haywood]

Aleck 64: Worked around hard-locks at start-up. [Angelo Salese]

Identified Semicom's Dream World hardware as a copy of Psikyo's
68020 hardware (it was already known that their older platforms were
copied from Snow Bros, and Tumble Pop) [David Haywood]

i386 core improvements: [Barry Rodewald]
 * Fixed EIP displacement when executing FPU instructions with no
    80387 present
 * Added 32-bit implementations of SLDT and STR

Converted Kaneko Pandora sprite chip to be a MAME device and updated
drivers accordingly. [Fabio Priuli]

Added tilemap_create_device() function which lets you create a tilemap
from within a device, and be passed that device in your callback.
[Aaron Giles]

Converted Signetics 2636 video chip to be a MAME device and updated
drivers using it accordingly. [Fabio Priuli]

Memory system changes: [Aaron Giles]
 - Memory banks are now referenced by tag rather than index.
    Changed all memory_bank_* functions to specify a tag.
    Bulk-converted existing banks to be tagged "bank##" in
    order to ensure consistency. However, going forward, the
    tags don't matter, so please name them something useful.

 - Added AM_BANK_READ/AM_BANK_WRITE macros to let you specify
    bank tags. Also changed AM_ROMBANK and AM_RAMBANK macros to
    accept tags as well.

 - Added new functions memory_install_read_bank_handler and
    memory_install_write_bank_handler to install banks by tag
    name, similar to input ports.

 - Changed internals of memory system to dynamically allocate
    all banks. The first time a bank with an unknown tag is
    installed, a new bank object is created and tracked

 - Removed SMH_* macros entirely. In their place are a series of
    expanded macros and new memory installation helpers. Some
    mappings below (not all are new):

     AM_READ(SMH_RAM)                       -> AM_READONLY
     AM_WRITE(SMH_RAM)                      -> AM_WRITEONLY
     AM_READ(rhandler) AM_WRITE(SMH_RAM)    -> AM_RAM_READ(rhandler)
     AM_READ(SMH_RAM) AM_WRITE(whandler)    -> AM_RAM_WRITE(whandler)
     AM_DEVREAD(tag, rhandler) AM_WRITE(SMH_RAM)
                                  -> AM_RAM_DEVREAD(tag, rhandler)
     AM_READ(SMH_RAM) AM_DEVWRITE(tag, whandler)
                                  -> AM_RAM_DEVWRITE(tag, whandler)

     AM_READ(SMH_ROM)                       -> AM_ROM
     AM_WRITE(SMH_ROM)                      -> (was a no-op)

     AM_READ(SMH_NOP)                       -> AM_READNOP
     AM_WRITE(SMH_NOP)                      -> AM_WRITENOP

   For dynamic memory handler installation of the various types,
   use the new functions:

     memory_unmap_readwrite() -- unmaps a section of address space

     memory_nop_readwrite() -- nops a section of address space

 - Cleaned up the internals of the address_map_entry structure, and
    also normalized the way the address map macros work to remove a
    lot of redundancy.

 - Renamed functions: memory_install_read/write_port_handler to

 - Memory shares are now specified by tag instead of index.
    The AM_SHARE() macro now takes a tag parameter. All existing
    shares have been bulk renamed to "share##". However, the name
    does not matter, so please use descriptive tags going forward.

 - Added tag validation for bank and share tags.

 - Added flag to tagmap_add functions that optionally will
    replace existing objects if a duplicate is found.

 - Internal code shuffling. Address maps initialized internally
    now call the same installation handlers that drivers do for
    dynamic installation. Cleaned up some parameter ordering and
    error detection.

 - Added new functions:

     memory_install_ram() to assign a un-named bank to a region and
       specify a pointer to where the RAM lives. If this is called in
       functions, then it is permissible to specify NULL, in which
       case the memory system will allocate memory and register it
       for save states.

     memory_install_rom() is like the above except that it only
       installs a read handler.

     memory_install_writeonly() is like the above except that it
     only installs a write handler.

 - Updated several instances in the code that were assigning banks
    to these sorts of static RAM regions and simplified the code.

 - Apply mirrors and global masks at address map detokenizing time
    rather than later.

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Top Shooter [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
LA Girl [Tomasz Slanina, Guru]
Noraut Joker Poker (Prologic HW) [Roberto Fresca, Alan Griffin]

New clones added
Domino Block ver.2 [Guru]
Tower of Druaga (Manufactured by Sidam) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Invasion (4 bootleg sets) [f205v, ANY]
Head On (Sidam bootleg, set 2) [f205v, ANY]
Head On 2 (Sidam bootleg) [f205v, ANY]
Arkanoid (bootleg on Block hardware, set 2) [f205v, ANY]
Gals Panic (Korea, EXPRO-02 PCB) [Guru]
Strikers 1945 (Hong Kong, Bootleg)
   [David Haywood, Brian Troha, Dumping Union]
Fighting Fantasy (bootleg with 68705) [f205v] (not working)
Phantom (Spectar bootleg) [Team Europe & rades]
Panzar (Spectar bootleg) [f205v]
Fatsy Gambler (Video Hustler bootleg) [f205v]
Fitter (bootleg) [f205v]
Vs. Super Mario Bros. (bootleg with Z80) (2 sets) [f205v, Dante Profeta] (not working)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
White Tiger - 3VXFC5342 (New Zealand) [Heihachi_73]
Magic Mask (A - 09/05/2000, Export) [Heihachi_73]
Geisha (A - 05/03/01, New Zealand) [Heihachi_73]
Kimble Double HI-LO (z80 version) [Roberto Fresca, Alan Griffin]
Fast Draw (poker conversion kit)? [Roberto Fresca]
Draw Poker HI-LO (unknown, rev 1) [Roberto Fresca, Dumping Union]
Draw Poker HI-LO (unknown, rev 2) [Roberto Fresca, Dumping Union]
Video Stars [Andrew Welburn]

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