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2.2 WIP



* Added a Mini Browser
* Added a Profiler with www support
* CustomDat now works with MESS datfiles
* Added Sets Limit options to CustomDat
* Solved an issue with DragAndDrop on the main Form
* Added the ability to copy or move a file by dragging it from explorer to the file list
* Added FlashFXP Queue Maker
* Updated mamediff to 2.30 and datutil to 2.45
* Added the ability to modify the DatFiles Path and Name to Realdiff and Realmerge Lists
* Fixed 'Remove clone Sets' in Custom Dat when source is xml
* Fixed a bug with the Dat autoselect in Zip menagement code
* Added MRU support to CheckArchive
* Added 'Delete' button to CheckArchive
* Added two new entry to the help menu, homepage and board links
* Added support for Progetto EMMA and MAWS to Dat Explorer
* Added support for KeyUp and KeyDown to all Combo Lists
* Realdiff and Realmerge remove more ListXml Tags for more cleaned Results
* Realdiff now keep the original header name, description, version  and options


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