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Crashtest Video CLRMame Dat - how setting CLRMame pls



Hi all,

pls can you help me with my problem?

I downloded Crashtest Video 0.101 all files and DATfile...but i dont know how setting CLRMame... :cry:

I can control roms, snap, titles that is not problem for me...

I  choose PROFILE in CLRMame, loading Crashtest DATfile and go in SETTING...and now i dont know

I should choose ROM-Paths - ADD - and path to my files on HDD (ingame, titles)

or choose SETS ???

or what must i do??

Thx for your help and sorry my english  :o


i have the same problems. Any help would be appreciatted.

Any chance to get a DAT file for RomCenter ? I find RomCenter, much easier to use than ClrMame.


You have to set ROM PATHS to your crashtest video collection directory. Then scan with the "scanner" function.

2 MRC: yeeess.. you have true  :D . i got it! Thx for help  :mdr:

2 hoezsux: you have folder on your HDD where you have folders INGAME, TITLES..for example D:\Crashtestvideo\ingame
in Clrmame you load DATfile and SETTING you choose ROM-Paths and and the way ONLY D:\Crashtestvideo - THATS ALL..!!! NOT D:\Crasthtestvideo\ingame!!!!
run SCAN....enjoy.... :D

thank you guys !

finally got it working !


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