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 on: 30 October 2023, 22:39 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by Roman
You‘re welcome

 on: 30 October 2023, 18:31 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by mjmattson3170
OK, I think I solved the problem.   I deleted the fmtowns_cd and MSX1 sets that were acting up from the profiler and dragged the hashes from MAME 0.260 into the profiler and recreated new profiles for those three.   Scans are OK now.   I had to replace a number of CHDs from my backup for fmtowns that somehow had been removed in trying the different versions.

This is really odd as I delete all old hashes from the MAME install hash folder prior to installing a new version (so I am sure I have updated hashes) and then drag the new hashes to CLRMAME Pro profiler to update and do a rescan on all.   For some reason, something happened to those three system profiles and caused the weirdness.   Once recreated, all is as expected.

Sorry for the wild goose chase on this last issue.  I would not have expected that on just three of all the systems for no apparent reason.   Strange.  All good now.

Thank you Roman for fixing the other issues, your time and effort is appreciated!

 on: 30 October 2023, 15:33 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by Roman
I've used your config and can't repeat your problem.
Do you have some kiwame folder in both of your rompaths? kiwame itself doesn't use any roms, so there shouldn't be anything kiwame related besides the folder with the chd.

Did you clean the cache or can you setup a new profile for fmtowns for a different rompath where you only have the kiwame folder with the chd?

I also wonder why only some chds are listed..especially only ones which were updated lately (260)....

Also go to Scanner->Hash & CHD Settings and check if all "Available Regions" are enabled in the middle section (especially the "cdrom" one without a number)

 on: 30 October 2023, 09:16 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by Roman
"4.047 will scan them and complain only about the samples.  The 4.048x wants to do all the renaming or removing of these systems"

this is interesting since the only change from 4.047b to 4.048b is actually
- the delta chd stuff....but that only checks the chd files for is/isn't delta and prints out warning, so the "missing"/"unneeded" part is not affected
- the "samples" unneeded issue...well..that only handles a weird scenario since "samples" is also a rom/sample/chd less device in MAME....

anyhow...thanks for the files, I will do further tests

 on: 30 October 2023, 08:15 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by mjmattson3170
I use individual profiles for FM towns, one in a software list CHD folder (fmtown_cd) and in a software list Roms folder (fmtowns_cd, xxx_flow_cracked, xxx_flop_misc, xxx_flop_orig).

I DO have both rom_paths added in the FMTowns_cd profile (the software list CHD path and software list Roms path).   I tried to split them once or move them to either the CHD or ROMS folders I have for software lists, but it complained and it did seem odd to me that there is a set in each when you download them.   Is there a recommended setup for fmtowns_cd?

Also, the MSX1 systems listed are also an issue (MSX1_flop, MSX1_cass).

Merge mode is merged.

There should be no other tasks.  4.047 will scan them and complain only about the samples.  The 4.048x wants to do all the renaming or removing of these systems.

I added a zip with the requested files.   Let me know if there is anything else you need.

 on: 30 October 2023, 08:11 
Started by Chucky - Last post by Chucky
Update: Just updated Malwarebytes from 4.6.3 to 4.6.5 as I found some other files being reported as malware.
No more reports, so must assume at this time it was a MWB problem not CP.

 on: 30 October 2023, 07:34 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by Roman
well yes that looks ok, however some questions:
Do you use a single profile for fm towns or an all-in-one scan, which merge mode, how are the rompaths organized (more than one for fm towns?)

Maybe some other tasks are actively accessing the files during the scan and simply blocked cmpro's read...
since I heard that generally there is no problem when scanning such files

Maybe you can send me your cmpro.ini and the belonging .cmp file from cmpro's settings folder for your used profile.

 on: 30 October 2023, 06:25 
Started by Chucky - Last post by Chucky
When running a scan using CP 4.048b (official download) on Mameui 260 of all sets, roms, samples, chds; Malwarebytes stopped CP when it tried to add a missing ROM, reporting 'Ransomware'.

I first ran a New Scan of everything, with all fixes DEselected.
Then selected fix unneeded ONLY and ran Scan.
CP tried to add a missing file (even though Fix Missing was not selected) and this is when Malwarebytes seemed reported it as Ransomware.

CP log file is empty.

I reluctantly tried again, the previously unneeded files had been removed, but I could not replicate the warning.

Not sure whether there is anything else I can add.
Is there anything else I can check or provide?

 on: 29 October 2023, 20:43 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by mjmattson3170
E:\Emulation\Emulators\MAME>chdman info -i "E:\Emulation\Emulators\MAME\roms software list\CHDs\fmtowns_cd\kiwame\kiwame
chdman - MAME Compressed Hunks of Data (CHD) manager 0.260 (mame0260)
Input file:   E:\Emulation\Emulators\MAME\roms software list\CHDs\fmtowns_cd\kiwame\kiwame (japan).chd
File Version: 5
Logical size: 10,653,696 bytes
Hunk Size:    19,584 bytes
Total Hunks:  544
Unit Size:    2,448 bytes
Total Units:  4,352
Compression:  cdlz (CD LZMA), cdzl (CD Deflate), cdfl (CD FLAC)
CHD size:     593,348 bytes
Ratio:        5.6%
SHA1:         03237f11476eb1c4d2acc8075507ef64ebc9fae1
Data SHA1:    bbac0170e5daba6e9f9e88fb22894718ad3b7be4
Metadata:     Tag='CHT2'  Index=0  Length=91 bytes


 on: 29 October 2023, 18:44 
Started by Roman - Last post by Roman
fixed: wrong delta chd proposals in full merged mode (identical chds)

...and yes, it seems that converting the susume chd to a delta fails (also with manual chdman usage), JohnIV already filed a bug report to the MAME team....

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