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 on: 02 November 2022, 12:25 
Started by Roman - Last post by Roman
bit7z is a nice C++ wrapper for the 7z sdk....believe me, it's no fun to work directly with the 7z sdk code directly....and I don't want to reuse my old 7z code

 on: 02 November 2022, 12:17 
Started by Roman - Last post by ntt3
Yes I've seen Bit7z mentioned in the rebuilder readme, I was wondering why not using the 7zip library directly - but I guess it doesn't make a difference in the end.
Anyway great stuff in progress, I'm definitely looking forward to the new Rebuilder (toolset :D) as the future of clrmamepro!
Last but not least, on Linux too!!!

 on: 02 November 2022, 12:02 
Started by Roman - Last post by Roman
You can scan them with old clrmamepro.....a new scanner will follow as soon as I find a little time

yes, all generated sets can be used by MAME and yes, the standalone mode can be useful since it offers (for the first time in clrmame history) to have real standalone sets...however, you can't scan them with old cmpro ;-)

7z is on the to do list, I'm currently in close contact with the author of https://github.com/rikyoz/Bit7z waiting for the new version (mainly due to the new licence) and asked for some additional feature requests.

 on: 02 November 2022, 11:48 
Started by Roman - Last post by ntt3
I've just tested Rebuilder (v0.03) for the first time, and... WOW it flies!
The only need I'd feel for a scanner option would be knowing if I'm missing something after rebuilding.. Not sure if enabling higher logging levels may do just that, to be honest.
Couple questions, if you don't mind
- Any romset generated by the rebuild options (split, full, standalone) can be used by MAME? I'm especially curious about the standalone option.
- Why not using the 7zip library for de/compression, moving forward?
Thanks for yet another excellent tool, Roman!

 on: 30 October 2022, 16:54 
Started by boriskarloff - Last post by boriskarloff

 on: 30 October 2022, 10:43 
Started by CoreyEMTP - Last post by Roman
Your datfile does not have subfolders. Your archive does have a separated subfolder and a separated file.
And here we face the problem: Your 7z file stored such information separately, i.e. you have 1 folder and 1 file.
So clrmamepro detects the folder and says it is unneeded and removes it (which may cost a bit depending on solidness/etc).
Then it also finds a wrong named file...this is renamed with the rn option which takes no/very less effort.
So clrmamepro finds 2 things which both get fixed, one is an unneeded folder and one is a wrong named file.

Keep in mind, 7z (and also zip) can store files in subfolders without creating an extra folder entry.
This extra folder entry is the problem in your case. If file would be stored with subfolder information on file level in the archive, you'd only have 1 clrmamepro operation, a wrong named file "bla/wrong name" -> "correctName"

My example was a datfile with subfolders.
Subfolders are only supported when they are specified on rom name level like  <rom name="bla/this is what the rom should be named.txt"...>
When having such definitions, the rebuilder and scanner will automatically create 7z without separated folder structures stored, but of course you still have subfolders in the archives....
I've attached an example for subfolders without extra dir entries. If you play around with that file and dat, you shouldn't see any extra effort in removing data, just pure rn operations when you alter the dat.

So, to sum it up: The problem in your case is that there are actually 2 operations and they are intented to be there based on the structure in the 7z file. Your example 7z archive keeps subfolder information separated instead using subfolder information on filename level. For clrmamepro, there is an unneeded folder and a wrongly named file. Reading the zipfile will give you 2 entries. This is completely independent from the external packing tools or the defintion of the dat.

However, rebuilding the files resolves the problem once and for all since it will create subfolders on filename basis

 on: 30 October 2022, 10:19 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by Roman
The batch options are only set during the batch run, the single profiles' options aren't touched. So either you always batch-scan them....or you need to touch each profile somehow...maybe by modifyingthe single .cmp files - if you know what you're doing - with some texteditor macro...

 on: 30 October 2022, 00:29 
Started by mjmattson3170 - Last post by mjmattson3170
It was a bit weird.   All I had to do was simply open the zip files that were throwing errors and close them.  After they, they scanned and the fix was auto applied.   Oh well, all seems ok now. 

Got it all moved, new mame and software list profiles set up and scannned. 

One quick question:   Is there a way to “apply” the merge, all fix, etc settings to all the software list profiles without having to open each one and manually selecting them?   I know I can batch mode scan and use the dialog there, I was just wondering if you can have the tool update all the profiles to always use merged sets and all fix options selected. 

 on: 29 October 2022, 23:10 
Started by CoreyEMTP - Last post by CoreyEMTP
But that's exactly the problem, the DAT won't say "bla/game name.iso", it will say "game name.iso" only. In this case the source of the 7zip is external, so I don't control how it's created. So when it encounters the 7z with "bla/bla.iso", it doesn't appear to rename "bla/bla.iso" to "game name.iso", which would have the effect of leaving a 7z with "game name.iso" in the root and an empty "bla" folder. Instead, what I'm (purely) guessing is it's attempting to rename "bla.iso" to "game name.iso", failing, and then deciding it needs to extract the whole thing.

It's simple to demonstrate with the test sample 7z I sent. You can try the two rename operations above directly with 7zip's rn command to see the effects.

I could be completely wrong and it's just the time cost of doing the two (rename and delete empty folder) operations, but the length of time it takes sure seems like it's doing a complete rebuild every time.

Thanks so much for looking into this!

 on: 29 October 2022, 16:04 
Started by CoreyEMTP - Last post by Roman
Did a first check and there's nothing weird, it simply renamed the wrong named file and removed the obsolete folder entry. Using 7-Zip 22.01 (x64).

The problem with your file is that it keeps directory entries alone. So your file got a folder entry and a file entry. cmpro detects an obsolete folder entry and a to-be-renamed file entry...The rename successfully renames the file and the folder is obsolete and gets removed and this of course will cost, especially when you use solid archives.

7z can also store files with path information without having a folder entry. Then you only got 1 entry in your zip and the rename simply renames it. No removal necessary then.

clrmamepro by default uses that mode....you can e.g. alter your example dat to use "<rom name="bla/this is what the rom should be named.txt" size="16" crc="2ecae73f"/>". After doing a full scan/fix round, you will have a 7z with a subfolder (bla) and a file but in general only 1 entry is in the 7z.

don't know the beloning 7z option for it though.....

So....actually there is nothing wrong as far as I can see

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