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Hello there,

i´ve been searching all web for this answer but i couldn´t get any tipps.
My problem: i got the newest 64-bit version of mameuixt and the latest progetto snaps.
I wanna see the ( for example ) boss and gameover snapshots as well in the right snapshot corner of the GUI.
But i can´t choose the tab for bosses because it doesn´t exist.
I got the complete DAT-files as well as the correct amount of snapshots.
I puth the DAT-files into the DAT and folder dir and the snaps to the corresponding dir, burt nuthin´ happens.

What shall i do, please be nice to me because i feel like being a newbie

General / Newbie needs help to understand "RomManager"
« on: 20 June 2012, 02:22 »

as the title said, i need help configuring "RomManager" and downloading roms. The instructions on the RomManager site are not that useful, because they are far to less...
I do understand how to verify the roms, but i need help of creating a "missed.roms.TXT"...
So let´s go on to the "RomManager"...:
I put the "RomManager" file into the user-folder. I start an IRC-Proggy and connect to "emulab.it" ( just for being connected to a random channel ). Then i typed in "!rmHelp" for getting the orders.
Now i don´t know what to do: Evereytime i type "!rmMame ( and the versionnumber ), i get prompted that it can not read a file ... Which file ? The missed.txt ?! How can i connect to that file by typing "!rmMAME" ?! Pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee help me by writing down a COMPLETE (!!) instruction of using that "RomManager" !!! Many, many THX in advance, sorry 4 my bad English ...

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